Trading again!

222703_7523872609_606217609_502254_7819_nIt’s been a long time but after a long long time out of the spreadtrading game i’ve returned to the fold.

Where have I been? Well, back when I was last trading me and my wife had our second child. As most people with kids know, they take up a lot of time. Well, now I have two and I simply ran out of time to effectively trade, so I cashed in on my profit and we ended up spending the money on bills and baby things.

I’ve since changed my career, re-training in accountancy, and i’ve re-opened my account with IG Index and placed my first few trades.

I’ll be using a new system I’ve put together but applying the experience and lessons i’ve learnt from the first time round. I expect to be more disciplined this time around and hopefully even more successful. I’ll be starting with a much lower starting capital than before, (£500) but hopefully it’ll b a good indication of whether you can realistically build a spreadbetting account from nothing, something i’ve often wondered.

I’ll be uploading my trades soon when I get a few more minutes to do so.

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