I'm a big fan of a number of traders. Vince Stanzione got me into trading and got me onto the right path of profitability early on, so I must always credit that. Had I not followed Vince I would probably not be where I am today. The man talks a lot of sense and strangely [...]

New Daytrading Course Out Now

Hey everyone So, almost a year into delivering the 4 Hour Spreadbetting Beginners course to hundreds of people I have finally managed to release my second course, this time dedicated to Daytrading. Why? Well, a number of my students over the past year had been in touch to explain that whilst they were very happy [...]

Morning traders! Well, technically it'll be afternoon by the time this goes up but blah. I just wanted to share with you another video, this time going over an alternative charting software choice you could explore if Sharescope's £40 a month fee is too rich for your current bank size (despite the 2 months free [...]