In 2012 I finished the year with a 2.7% return on my investment. About as much as you might get from a bank savings account if your lucky. On the face of things it wasn't really a success because I at one point saw highs of 40% return around the end of summer [...]

18 months into my trading and I've heard all about the importance of having a trading strategy, keeping to the rules and not trading off emotion etc. This is all well and good, but I often think you have to experience the bad to appreciate the good and recently I have been experiencing some bad [...]

By Chris Chillingworth Ever since I started Spreadbetting in 2011 i've had a number of questions about strategies, psychology and risk. The majority I found the answer to by asking mentors, reading trading books, interacting with other traders or simply out of making my own mistakes and learning from them. Despite this, once question still [...]

New Feature – Spreadbet Magazine

In recent weeks i've been talking to the editor over at Spreadbet Magazine about doing a monthly feature about my spreadbetting experience and i'm pleased to say the latest edition has come out featuring yours truly. I've been reading Spreadbet Magazine on and off now for the last year or so. I say on/off because [...]

New Equity Highs

New Equity Highs By Chris Chillingworth After yesterdays post where I saw my worst ever drawdown of 7% I can happily report that today my account saw new equity highs as it rose from £2218 to £2447, beating my previous equity high of £2404 only 5 days ago. How fast things can change when your [...]

Increasing my capital today to £1749

If you've been following my blog you'll be aware that i've made some rather good money in the last month or so and seen my Return on Investment (ROI) rise from 20% to around 49% in that same time. I've also recently been raking a bit of extra funds together to trade with and increase [...]

A new 3D TV? A holiday? Home Gym equipment? Just a small selection of the things I could go out and buy if I closed my open positions and took all my profits today. My Return on Investment broke the 42% mark today and i've managed to turn under £1500 into £2100 in almost 4 [...]

$DLTR falling to $15.00?

I'm currently working on doing another video in the next few days going over my recently closed and open positions again as a sort of update on how things are going. I'll no doubt shout about it on here once it's up for viewing. In the meantime I wanted to talk about $DLTR (Dollar Tree [...]

Is Diversification that important?

By Chris Chillingworth A month or so ago a fellow Spreadbettor emailed me after taking a look at my Trade History which I feature here on my blog. He asked me the question "are you concerned about a market crash bearing in mind your 80% bullish right now on your account?". It really got me [...]

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