Welcome to the first in many tutorial videos. Here's we'll tackle a number of issues such as navigating Sharescope, ProRealTime and other such programs we might need to use to make your trading that little bit easier. Having used these programs for a number of years now I've picked up a few things that I [...]

I'm a big fan of a number of traders. Vince Stanzione got me into trading and got me onto the right path of profitability early on, so I must always credit that. Had I not followed Vince I would probably not be where I am today. The man talks a lot of sense and strangely [...]

Hey everyone. So i've had my week off with the family and bloody nice it was too. Feeling recharged and ready to continue what's turning out to be a great year so far trading. This weeks video covers moving average crossovers and a repeated question i've been getting on the emails over the last month [...]

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