Hey everyone. So i've got back into Swingtrading as I have found more time on my hands in recent days and things are already looking very good with some great profits being made. If you are interested in the Swingtrading Course you can enrol right now and get started immediately for £119.99. I made well [...]

Welcome back to our 'Getting Started' series. In Parts 1 and 2 we talked about finding the right system for you and also the importance of getting some training and having a system. Once you have decided on a system that fits you, and you have some training under your belt you are inevitably going [...]

When I speak to new traders either through email or when I meet them in person, one of the common problems I see is that they haven't yet reached what I call 'the light bulb moment'. They haven't learned how to cope with losing trades. Thomas Edison once famously said "I have not failed. I've just [...]

I've been trading profitably now for 3 years and it's looking likely that this year will be my 4th profitable year in a row, but it took me 2 years before that to work out where I was going wrong. Now I get a lot of emails. More that I can answer in a day sometimes, [...]

Hey everyone For those that run an End of Day trading system we know that anything we can do to improve our winning % has a significant effect on our yearly ROI. Here's 7 tips that you can implement into your stock selection criteria. Think of it like a stock check list. 1) Liquidity Is the [...]

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