spreadbetting tutorials

Hey everyone Had an email in this week from Michael who was coming up against the problem of finding the money management system wouldn't work for him as the opportunities he was finding required several hundred point stop losses. This is an issue several people have raised in the past so thought I would do [...]

Would personal tuition help you?

Hey everyone I hope everyone's trading is going well and you are all taking advantage of these record highs in the various markets. I've had a few emails over the last month or two asking me about running some personal tuition sessions. I've run a handful of these in the past with a lot of [...]

Hey everyone. Had a few emails and messages from members asking about at what point should they abandon the system and bank huge profits, and also, what is considered a big profit. Hope you find it helpful if this is an area your looking for help on.

New Year, New Profits

Welcome everyone to 2015. A year that I am very excited about. This year I hope to provide more focus to the website and the service it is now providing to almost 200 members. I plan to work hard this year to help as many people as possible adopt a consistently profitable trading system, but [...]

Hey everyone   Had an email from Jim this week asking about a particular stock and I thought, instead of waffling on for ages in an email perhaps a video might help him understand some of the concepts better. Then I thought, maybe it'll help other people too as a spreadbetting video tutorial. So here [...]

Hey everyone. Just threw this one up today to show the Spreadbetting profits I've been getting from the financial markets. As the year starts to come to a close I can say it's been relatively successful and i'm set right now to end on a 30%+ return again this year. Can't argue with that. If [...]

Hey everyone Just a quick video this week about how to use Sharescope to identify stocks where the price has crossed the 400dma. It is known as Sharescope Data Mining. Bloody useful for those of you using this system and paying for this software. Appreciate it won't appeal to those using different software but it'll [...]

Hey guys and girls, So i've had a load of messages over the last month or so all asking what is the main contributing factor to my system and what is making it so simple for me to make spreadbetting profits. Unfortunately it is incredibly difficult to explain the entire system over email. Some people want [...]

A lot of people have heard about compounding interest or compounding profits in trading, but few truly realise the benefits of it. I personally realised the power of compounding when I first came across a .pdf file from someone who claimed to be able to turn 1p to £1,000,000 in 28 steps or something similar. [...]