Welcome to the first in many tutorial videos. Here's we'll tackle a number of issues such as navigating Sharescope, ProRealTime and other such programs we might need to use to make your trading that little bit easier. Having used these programs for a number of years now I've picked up a few things that I [...]

Hey everyone   Had an email from Jim this week asking about a particular stock and I thought, instead of waffling on for ages in an email perhaps a video might help him understand some of the concepts better. Then I thought, maybe it'll help other people too as a spreadbetting video tutorial. So here [...]

Hey everyone Just a quick video this week about how to use Sharescope to identify stocks where the price has crossed the 400dma. It is known as Sharescope Data Mining. Bloody useful for those of you using this system and paying for this software. Appreciate it won't appeal to those using different software but it'll [...]

Morning traders! Well, technically it'll be afternoon by the time this goes up but blah. I just wanted to share with you another video, this time going over an alternative charting software choice you could explore if Sharescope's £40 a month fee is too rich for your current bank size (despite the 2 months free [...]