We are wired to follow the herd, but the grass isn't always greener. Why do we jump from system to system or assume others know better than us? Turns out it's all in the way our brains are wired. Contacting Chris Twitter: @chrischilliuk FREE Facebook Group: TRADING THE TREND FREE E-Book: FREE E-Book Signup Email [...]

SBB 015 : The Lightbulb Moment

In this episode we talk about what you need to know in order to get to the next level of your trading, reaching the lightbulb moment and about the 20% mechanics and 80% psychology rule you'll have heard banded around the industry. Contacting Chris Twitter: @spreadbetchris Facebook: Spreadbet Beginner UK FREE E-Book: FREE E-Book Signup Email Me: enquiries@spreadbetbeginner.co.uk