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Welcome back to our 'Getting Started' series. In Parts 1 and 2 we talked about finding the right system for you and also the importance of getting some training and having a system. Once you have decided on a system that fits you, and you have some training under your belt you are inevitably going [...]

Free £50 when you join IG Index

Hey everyone. So someone recently pointed out to me that IG Index are running a scheme where new users recommended by me can earn £50 extra in their accounts after placing 5 trades. Bearing in mind many members coming to this site are new to Spreadbetting and may be considering opening an account with IG [...]

Hey everyone. Just threw this one up today to show the Spreadbetting profits I've been getting from the financial markets. As the year starts to come to a close I can say it's been relatively successful and i'm set right now to end on a 30%+ return again this year. Can't argue with that. If [...]

Morning traders! Well, technically it'll be afternoon by the time this goes up but blah. I just wanted to share with you another video, this time going over an alternative charting software choice you could explore if Sharescope's £40 a month fee is too rich for your current bank size (despite the 2 months free [...]

    In 2012 I finished the year with a 2.7% return on my investment. About as much as you might get from a bank savings account if your lucky. On the face of things it wasn't really a success because I at one point saw highs of 40% return around the end of summer [...]

$DLTR falling to $15.00?

I'm currently working on doing another video in the next few days going over my recently closed and open positions again as a sort of update on how things are going. I'll no doubt shout about it on here once it's up for viewing. In the meantime I wanted to talk about $DLTR (Dollar Tree [...]

I like to do this from time to time. I think it's a good thing to show people you actively trade the markets you say you trade. There are a lot of experts out there that don't ever show their trades, or even their own portfolios. I expect there's reasons for this, but I've always [...]