Hey everyone For those that run an End of Day trading system we know that anything we can do to improve our winning % has a significant effect on our yearly ROI. Here's 7 tips that you can implement into your stock selection criteria. Think of it like a stock check list. 1) Liquidity Is the [...]

Hey guys, I just wanted to create this new video for members giving a bit of advice on how you could try diversifying your open positions a little to protect yourselves from big moves happening in the market. It also very briefly coveres a little about Sharescope as well as some of the new features [...]

Is Diversification that important?

By Chris Chillingworth A month or so ago a fellow Spreadbettor emailed me after taking a look at my Trade History which I feature here on my blog. He asked me the question "are you concerned about a market crash bearing in mind your 80% bullish right now on your account?". It really got me [...]