New Year, New Profits

Welcome everyone to 2015. A year that I am very excited about. This year I hope to provide more focus to the website and the service it is now providing to almost 200 members. I plan to work hard this year to help as many people as possible adopt a consistently profitable trading system, but [...]

Hey everyone   Had an email from Jim this week asking about a particular stock and I thought, instead of waffling on for ages in an email perhaps a video might help him understand some of the concepts better. Then I thought, maybe it'll help other people too as a spreadbetting video tutorial. So here [...]

Hey everyone. Just threw this one up today to show the Spreadbetting profits I've been getting from the financial markets. As the year starts to come to a close I can say it's been relatively successful and i'm set right now to end on a 30%+ return again this year. Can't argue with that. If [...]

Morning traders! Well, technically it'll be afternoon by the time this goes up but blah. I just wanted to share with you another video, this time going over an alternative charting software choice you could explore if Sharescope's £40 a month fee is too rich for your current bank size (despite the 2 months free [...]

Hey guys and girls, So i've had a load of messages over the last month or so all asking what is the main contributing factor to my system and what is making it so simple for me to make spreadbetting profits. Unfortunately it is incredibly difficult to explain the entire system over email. Some people want [...]

Entry I went long on Starbucks on 17/10/2014 a day or so after the price moved above the 400 day moving average at 7410.7 The stock looked strong as it's been climbing since 2009, and so betting with the trend I felt this was worth a shot. My stop loss was originally placed at 7200. [...]

The majority of traders and spreadbettors lose money so we are told. The figure that is often banded about is the 80/20 rule. 80% of traders lose money? I can imagine that's probably correct. I have now gotten involved in teaching how to spreadbet effectively and when running my personal tuition lessons be it in [...]

This is the most fundamental rule that I believe makes a trader profitable and achieves consistent trading profits. Some believe that you should focus on your right/wrong percentage. By that I mean, focusing efforts on getting a trade right more than getting it wrong. However, I think the odds are against you here. Personally speaking, [...]

This week I returned to my old system of not checking my trades everyday. I could see myself starting to tinker with my stocks and start to look at different trading systems and I caught myself moving my stops up too tight. It caused me to have a bit of a messy March and took [...]

Its a difficult time in the market at the moment. One minute your making easy gains every day, watching your balance rise, the next day you've lost everything you've just raked in and are left with less than you started. This year has started well, my bank is growing and i'm up just under 10% [...]

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