Swingtrading Report – December 2016

December turned out to be a decent month for me and my Swingtrading. Picked up a number of big wins early on in the month which helped ensure the month turned out to be profitable yet again. Below are the two .pdf’s for your viewing pleasure detailing every trade the system made on the DAX.

Swingtrading December 2016 Report – pdf

Swingtrading Yearly Summary – pdf

This month was a great example of how the “no trade zone” variation of the system performs. December saw a huge trend appear on the DAX running from 5th Dec at 10450 and climbing all the way up to 11350 on 11th December. A climb of 900+ points in less than a week.

During which we had a number of big trend trades to follow. Four in fact. Those trading the original system will have unfortunately been closed out early after the first win and not been in the market to trade the other 3. Whilst those traders would still have seen a profitable month, they would have left a lot of money on the table.

The big trend mentioned above moved in 4 stages. Each stage falling below the 100 ema before restarting its climb. The “no trade zone” variation however (the system I have been using since June 2016) allowed us to get back in each time and get on those stages. Resulting in a combined +643 points across the 4 trades.

Best trade of the month was easily Trade #1 on 1st December at 07:00. A long bet which was held until 2nd December 14:40. The trade was only a 145 point win, however due to the flat market at the time the stop loss was tighter and the bet size increased as per the system rules. This allowed a £7.70 per point bet size which resulted in a £1120.35 jackpot win which as you will see, pretty much made the month.

It was also a 2.17 R trade. Or in other words a 217% return on investment for that single trade. I risked £515 and made £1120.35.

And so we finished the month on a 8.6% return. Not bad for a months activity. December saw the account grow from £20717 to £22504.

As always, if you are interested in enrolling on the Swingtrading Course for Beginners click on the link to find out more information.

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One Comment on “Swingtrading Report – December 2016”

  1. Hi Chris,

    As always very detailed video of your trades. Can you please advice your reasons for not using pure price action with support and resistance. Have you done a comparison of profitability between price action and using moving averages. I mostly use price action with fair amount of success but lack the disciple. Your advice would be very helpful.


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