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Are you struggling with your stock selection criteria? Having problems knowing which stocks to buy? Wish someone could just show you where to go?

Over the last 7 years of working with other people on their trading I have seen not only myself, but hundreds, maybe thousands of members improve their trading results.

I’d love to say that everyone has seen improvement, but alas it would not be true. Unfortunately no matter how hard you try, some people are just not willing to put the lessons into practice or on some occasions are not prepared to change they way they already do things.

Those people you cannot help, and I learned that lesson and accepted that many years ago as a sports coach.

However, despite seeing fantastic results in my own trading, as well as great results in others, there was always one question that loomed over us all.

“How do I pick the right stocks?”.

Indeed, a good mechanical systematic trading strategy can serve you well on its own. Cutting losses and letting winners run is a counter-intuative approach that can lead to fantastic profits.

But what if we could enhance it? What if we could put the odds even more in our favour?

What if we could analyse companies and identify the best of the best using their financial data? Isolating just the few great companies that are more likely than the others to rise in share price value over the next few years? I’m talking about the very best. The 1 in 10 FTSE companies that are doing everything right.

  • Keeping expenses under control
  • Growing assets year on year
  • Keeping profits to re-invest
  • Managing or lowering debt

In fact, the hurdles i’m placing in front of these companies is incredibly hard to pass. Some of the most popular FTSE companies have failed the test. Yet some tiny unheard of FTSE AIM or Small Cap shares have passed with flying colours. Cheap stocks today that are likely to be worth a lot more in a couple of years.

What if we could then use that “watchlist” of stellar companies and apply our systematic mechanical system to it? Looking only for long signals?

Well, this is precisely what I’ve been doing in 2019, and what my selected few in the Inner Circle have been doing also. Containing 35 members only, the exclusive Inner Circle have been given open access not only to the few stocks that have been passing my analysis, but also getting a weekly video showing precisely WHY these companies i’m looking at have or haven’t made the grade.

The results have been surprising. Big companies like GlaxoSmithKline plc and Prudential plc, not making the grade. Underlying issues being highlighted that could lead to a drop in share price or an unfavourable earnings result in the near future. Issues that can hurt long positions for traders and spreadbetters.

Yet some mostly unheard of companies, small businesses operating in the FTSE 250, FTSE Small Cap and FTSE AIM markets have excelled and look like fantastic opportunities.

Now, i’m not in a position to share these companies with you today. This is information i’m only sharing with my Inner Circle. The 35 exclusive members who trust in me to guide them to improved trading results.

However, I have been sharing slices.

And if you’re keen to know where to focus your efforts and which companies you should be leaving alone, you would do well to check out my new website.

The CLEAN Trader is my new website. Visit it, and you will see a myriad of articles being posted every day featuring not only educational advice on trading and spreadbetting, but share picks too. Companies you should be adding to your watchlist, and companies you should be leaving well alone.

Everyday i’m adding more and more. Never compromising the full exclusive watchlist, but sharing slices of it with those who care to find out.

No, The CLEAN Trader (TCT) is not taking over Spreadbet Beginner (SBB). The two will operate side by side. But whilst SBB will continue to serve as a hub for my Spreadbetting training content, TCT will serve as a news, analysis and share tips website, as well as hosting the training for my Level 1 and Level 2 share dealing courses.

I may plan to merge the two eventually, but this will be further down the line.

For now, please take some time to have a read. There are some superb articles and share picks on there today for you to find, and a new article is released daily. And you know me, I rarely post fluff or filler. Everything has a purpose. Every article, useful.

Thank you for your continued support of the work I do. I genuinely appreciate it.


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