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4 HR Spreadbetting Beginners Course
  • Starter Course for All Traders & Spreadbetters
  • Daily Charts
  • Only needs 30 mins a day

Intraday Swingtrading Course
  • Includes live trading videos of the system
  • 10 min -1 hour charts
  • Avg of 1-5 signals a day

emotions course
NO B.S Guide to Managing Emotions in Trading Course
  • How to never lose big again, saving thousands!
  • How to let your winners run for big profits
  • How to stick to your system when it’s so hard to do


IMPORTANT NOTE: Please note that neither myself, nor the company Spreadbet Beginner offer any financial advice within these courses, nor are we qualified to do so. Anyone enrolling on our courses does so with the understanding that the content of these courses is simply a guide to show how Chris trades and spread bets his own portfolio. All ideas provided in these courses are strictly in a non-professional environment. We hold no responsibility for any financial winnings or losses incurred as a result of trading any systems shown or using any ideas provided. – Chris Chillingworth

3 Comments on “Spreadbetting Courses”

  1. Hi Chris

    What markets do you teach to trade on your courses?

    not sure if these beginner courses are right me…

    I’m quite knowledgeable and have learned a lot about all forms of trading over the last few years but I feel I have almost learned too much – now want to cut out the noise and practise a disciplined system that can get results… like you I can I would like an end of day system for when I am busy but be able to switch down to smaller timeframes when my diary allows.

    Do you have any more info on your course content or example modules that would help me judge if they are for me?



    1. Hey Chris

      The course is aimed at teaching the foundations of my approach to trading. As you say, I use a simplified approach that cuts out all the noise/opinions and leaves only facts. It’s 100% mechanical so can be backtested historically to check performance, and can be tailored to many different timeframes, not just End of Day.

      The course guides through the theory of how my approach works, which focuses first on managing risk above all else, preventing any big losses, and then fine tunes to focus on how to maximise profits. As with many things, we often don’t know about the things we don’t know. In other words, we may think we already know a lot, only to read a book or do a course that shows us something we didn’t even know existed. I do not have much insight into your background or knowledge so it’s hard for me to say how much value you will gain from the course.

      It covers the underlying strategy, including a lot of strict rules which go against a lot of what most traders do. I was always a firm believer that if you want to be a successful trader you have to learn how to do the things the 95% of traders cannot do. That’s what separates winning and losing on the stockmarket in my experience. There’s an entire section on risk management, which if followed ensures you can never experience a big loss ever again. We focus on how to identify the right opportunities and when to get in and out (i.e. the system). But the biggest takeaway for most is that it goes against everything they’ve learned in the past. I’ve had so many clients come to me saying they wish they found me sooner before wasting thousands on unnecessary software, gimmicks, courses, subscriptions and lost capital. People come to me after losing £20,000 accounts and THEN learn how to prevent that ever happening.

      I haven’t magicked up any of my course material. It doesn’t all come from my head. I’ve just spent years studying traders from as far back as the 1920’s, testing it with my own money and after a few years trial and error I began to make it work. I only look at traders who have been confirmed to have made money. A lot of people out there talking the talk but have never actually made any money. I don’t give much focus to that stuff. I only studied those who had achieved what I wanted to achieve. Whether living or deceased.

      So I essentially teach the do’s and don’ts based on that experience, but more importantly, the WHY’s. No one ever explains why you should or why you shouldn’t.

      Anyway, i’m not much of a salesman i’m afraid. And you’ll ultimately make up your own mind as to whether you, me and my strategy are a good fit for you. But if you have any other questions feel free to ask.

      Warm Regards


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