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IMPORTANT NOTE: Please note that neither myself, nor the company Spreadbet Beginner offer any financial advice within these courses, nor are we qualified to do so. Anyone enrolling on our courses does so with the understanding that the content of these courses is simply a guide to show how Chris trades and spread bets his own portfolio. All ideas provided in these courses are strictly in a non-professional environment. We hold no responsibility for any financial winnings or losses incurred as a result of trading any systems shown or using any ideas provided. – Chris Chillingworth

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  1. Hey Chris

    The course is aimed at teaching the foundations of my approach to trading. As you say, I use a simplified approach that cuts out all the noise/opinions and leaves only facts. It’s 100% mechanical so can be backtested historically to check performance, and can be tailored to many different timeframes, not just End of Day.

    The course guides through the theory of how my approach works, which focuses first on managing risk above all else, preventing any big losses, and then fine tunes to focus on how to maximise profits. As with many things, we often don’t know about the things we don’t know. In other words, we may think we already know a lot, only to read a book or do a course that shows us something we didn’t even know existed. I do not have much insight into your background or knowledge so it’s hard for me to say how much value you will gain from the course.

    It covers the underlying strategy, including a lot of strict rules which go against a lot of what most traders do. I was always a firm believer that if you want to be a successful trader you have to learn how to do the things the 95% of traders cannot do. That’s what separates winning and losing on the stockmarket in my experience. There’s an entire section on risk management, which if followed ensures you can never experience a big loss ever again. We focus on how to identify the right opportunities and when to get in and out (i.e. the system). But the biggest takeaway for most is that it goes against everything they’ve learned in the past. I’ve had so many clients come to me saying they wish they found me sooner before wasting thousands on unnecessary software, gimmicks, courses, subscriptions and lost capital. People come to me after losing £20,000 accounts and THEN learn how to prevent that ever happening.

    I haven’t magicked up any of my course material. It doesn’t all come from my head. I’ve just spent years studying traders from as far back as the 1920’s, testing it with my own money and after a few years trial and error I began to make it work. I only look at traders who have been confirmed to have made money. A lot of people out there talking the talk but have never actually made any money. I don’t give much focus to that stuff. I only studied those who had achieved what I wanted to achieve. Whether living or deceased.

    So I essentially teach the do’s and don’ts based on that experience, but more importantly, the WHY’s. No one ever explains why you should or why you shouldn’t.

    Anyway, i’m not much of a salesman i’m afraid. And you’ll ultimately make up your own mind as to whether you, me and my strategy are a good fit for you. But if you have any other questions feel free to ask.

    Warm Regards


  2. Hello there, I have watched quite a few of your videos on YouTube and have enjoyed them a lot. I was wondering, is the psychology more important than the system? I know you have a specific system that you are trying to sell, but if I came up with my own system, and backtested it and it worked for me, then that’s cool, but is the main thing you are saying; as long as you keep your loses small and ride the winners it doesn’t matter which system you use(as long as the system works)?

    1. Pretty much James. It needs to be profitable, and i’d advise against trying to build your own before trading an existing system. Why re-invent the wheel so to speak. You also need to understand WHY a system works. Otherwise you’ll just abandon it when you hit a losing run. But providing its a profitable system, if you keep losses small and let winners run, you’ll do ok.

  3. Hi Chris ,

    I am not a complete beginner in spreadbetting, I know about it for a few years, I know how to place a trade , I have a live account and I even placed a few micro trades on gold for real . But i have no strategies or methodology whatsoever… Do you think i should still take the Beginner course , or go for the Swing trading course? Thanks a lot,


  4. Hi Chris,

    Probably a question you get all the time. What is the min amount you would say you need to start spread betting? I work full time so don’t need my income from trading to be my wage and that’s why i’m leaning toward spread betting and swing trading.

  5. Hi Chris, I’ve recently started watching your videos and am looking at the courses you offer. Does the beginner’s course cover the ‘system’ and how to identify a stock and use the candlesticks to determine indicators?
    Also, is there a 1 to 1 course you can offer whereby I can ask questions about something I don’t understand, and be shown how to do things exactly?
    Many thanks

    1. Yes the course does cover the systems and how to pick opportunities. And the 121 training I do is via my Inner Circle program. You can find more about that on the website at the top of the screen.

  6. I received the 4 Hour Beginners Spread Betting Course as a gift, having already studied a course for beginners elsewhere, which was very good. Chris’s course made a lot of sense and has given me both the fundamental knowledge and, most importantly, the confidence to begin trading.

    The course was simple to follow and easy to revise on any key points, thanks to the module style of the course. It is laid out logically and has the benefit of treating the student as a complete novice, which ensures that the most fundamental components of responsible and successful trading are absorbed.

    Since Chris has learnt the slow and difficult way, doing the course is like taking a short-cut through hours of book reading and hours of practical trading, but avoiding the many expensive mistakes that starting off on one’s own steam would entail.

    I liked very much Chris’s style and ease of understanding and logical framework. His insistence on responsible trading and risk management are vital, and the course is worth alone the cost on getting these lessons absorbed. My only criticism is Chris’s overly ‘waffly’ style and I think that he could either reduce each module in time, or add on extra modules if he was less long on the overly ‘waffly’ style. Having said that, the course is like having Chris – an experienced trader who actually trades – as your personal mentor! It is very reassuring to know that Chris has already been where you are currently, and that he has the best interests of his students at heart, and is always ready to help his students in various ways.

    The course is highly-recommended if one really wants to learn sensible trading!

  7. Dear Chris.
    Is your course covering any specifics? What platform? What broker? And most importand one, where the hell are you getting your signals from?
    You keep saying: “system telling us to enter here”, “system telling us to exit here”.
    Your course makes a lot of sense, but without knowing where to enter and where to exit the market its pointless.
    many thanks in advance.

  8. I think my comment or enquiry was removed or not approved. Is your course stating clearly where to obtain signals for entering and exiting the market?

    1. Absolutely John. I’d feel the course to be largely useless if it didn’t give you everything you needed to execute and use the information. It certainly is very clear on where to enter/exit the market with no grey areas. Let me know if you have any other questions.

  9. I am trying to subscribe to your tutorial service but cannot pay via paypal as requested . Can I pay directly by credit card ?

  10. I am looking to invest in spreadbetting.I have £1000 in total to lose but don’t know where to begin. I do understand the risks involved so need good advice from you about trading markets etc. Am willing to understand your methods as I believe they are sensible. Looking forward to hear from you.

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