Spreadbetting Beginners Course

“Learn A Simple Forgotten System To Spreadbet The Financial Markets”

    • Are you tired of systems that don’t deliver results?
    • Fed up with over complicated trading systems?
  • Would you like to learn how to spreadbet with others who are in the same boat?

Over the last six years I have studied the worlds best traders of old and new and I have a way that if you listen to what I’m telling you, for a very inexpensive cost over the next 7 days you’re going to be able to do what you’ve never been able to do before which is start making consistent profits on the stockmarket and learn a method of income generation for life.

In an industry where most “guru’s” are charging thousands of pounds to learn complicated systems that don’t produce results, this course is a reliable and most cost effective solution for the beginner who just wants to get started and do so profitably.

And this begins TODAY. No more DVD’s in the post which fall out of date each year and take a week to arrive in the post. Our course is online allowing you to instantly start this journey right now. The second you put in your payment details and order this, you will begin to learn some of the most powerful Spreadbetting insights and best practices that will slash your learning time and save you a huge amount of cash in losing trades and expensive courses.

Filled with hours of online step-by-step footage created especially for the complete beginner, this is the course you have been looking for, and it’ll only cost you the equivalent of 15 pence a day over the next year.

And it’s not going to take you forever to start making an income. In fact, I’ve had students make the cost of the course back plus profit in their back pocket within their first trades after taking this course. Now, I can’t guarantee this will definitely be the case for you, as it will largely depend on your ability to follow my simple rules, but it has been done by many students and even more make their money back within the first week.

Last year I worked with over 200 students, and to this day I have never received any negative feedback about the course. In fact, we still have a 100% satisfaction rate from all the testimonials submitted from students who have taken the time to write to me and thank me for producing the course.

Our students are currently taking advantage of our students only Spreadbetting Forum which you also get access to once enrolled on the course. So not only will you get ongoing support from me, but you’ll also get the support and advice from other students on the same journey as you. Nowhere else offers all this for Spreadbetting students.

How will it feel have a helping hand during the learning process? It doesn’t need to be complicated or frightening. I’ll teach you how to enjoy the process of placing your first trade and give you all the guidance you’ll need to succeed.

How would it feel to have the knowledge to know you can make profits from the stockmarket like these shown below for the rest of your life? These returns were produced by me on a £1800 trading account in 2014. That’s a 60% return on my investment. But that’s only just a taste of what you can achieve if you apply what I teach.

spreadbet courses

Here’s a selection of our lovely students who have taken the time out of their day to send me their feedback on the course.

A well laid out course easy going and easy to follow. It all makes sense and you really can be trading in hours. First day made more than enough to build my pot and easily paid for the cost of the course. I would recommend this course especially if you have no experience in trading. Brilliant.

Ray Brooks    October 27, 2015   Northamptonshire   

Just completed the End of Day Spreadbetting Course. I was a complete novice going into the course and now feel ready and very excited to put my learnings into practice. Chris’s course is easy to understand and the perfect foundation to begin live trading whilst managing your risk and turning a profit!

Chris Jasper    August 14, 2018   UK   

The course is well presented and the instructor explains the subject in detail. I was new to trading when i stumbled upon your website in youtube, I paid for 3 months subscription and bought the course to gain more knowledge.

The course has helped me gain a better understanding about trading. It has a lot of useful information on how to use the trading platform to place trades and to scan for stocks.

As a beginner it would be best to test a strategy on demo before trading live.The strategy in the course is useful for end of day trading if applied correctly.

A good place to start for any beginner.

Mahesh    October 27, 2015   London   

I was a bit skeptical about purchasing a course online at first as there are a lot of scams and terrible get rich quick schemes out there on the internet. However, I was won over by Chris's personal and calm approach to explaining and relating his own experiences in his own life to the course. Also the fact he's relatively local to me put me at ease.

Anthony Whitbourn    July 20, 2015   Worthing, UK   

I found this course very helpful and would recommend it to anyone!

Paul Varela    July 22, 2015   UK   

I found the course very interesting and put together. I was an IT trainer at one stage so I think I can assess the quality of the training. I was also dabbling in Forex before this so I understood a lot of the concepts explained early in the course. It all made sense and was a useful refresher. I can confirm that the information is correct! Then we get to the spreadbetting specifics and the End of Day systems. They are easy to understand and operate. I have no regrets about the money I paid for the course. Recommended. If you are unsure, shout me up in the forum. I'll answer your questions.

Nigel Doyle    October 27, 2015   UK   

Having recently completed the spread bet beginner course I found it to be very informative and easy to understand. I have spent hundreds on other courses and reading material and found this course the best one I have done. Its really easy to understand and everything is there to get you started.

I strongly recommend this course and if your thinking of stating off in spread betting then this course is a must!!!.

Scott McKenzie    October 27, 2015   Swansea   

I signed up to Chris' course after watching a You tube video of his that I stumbled upon. Instantly I liked his 'down to Earth' manner which seemed genuine and honest and indeed he is both of these things when it comes to spread betting. I have done spread betting before and backed away mainly because I could not get my head around the psychology of losing money. Chris helped me to rationalize this and make sense of my trading emotions. He has a very patient manner in his videos and this does 'rub off' making you able to manage your expectations and really understand what you are trying to do. Trading is actually a really hard thing to master, it is more a state of mind really. I had lost money in the past because I was too greedy and impatient and controlling this has been the most valuable thing that I have learned from Chris. At the moment I only have a very small risk capital, £1000 and do not expect to make a lot of money but I am really trying to prove to myself that I can do this before I move forward with more capital. I am using the EOD1 which I am finding very slow but I want it to train me in the areas I mentioned earlier and so I am prepared to keep going for at least 12 months; I have the resilience now.

Matt Cocks    June 7, 2017   UK   

Great website. I have been trading for quite a few years now but I still find everything on here very interesting and informative.

Andy May    April 27, 2015   UK   

Hi, Chris!
Just wanted to congratulate you on a super 4Hr Basics Course: really enjoyed it and believe it will help me immensely in my trading journey.
Thank you.

Paul Whitehouse    June 28, 2017   UK   

The course was very good and I enjoyed the way you laid it out. I learned a lot from the course and am now working on a dummy account with IG to get more confidence before i commit to the markets.

John Odwyer    July 20, 2015   UK   

Great course! Taught exceptionally well by Chris on how to trade profitably by following a simple strategy and money management rules. I have been on other courses, this has been the simplest, and as Chris says, it is always about keeping things simple which are the most effective.

Gurdeep Singh    July 20, 2015   UK   

I've been truly impressed. I have made some significant progress in my thinking and approach to the markets all because of Chris' work.

Russell Lutchman    April 27, 2015   Cambridge, UK   

Here’s a number of extra reasons why learning to use the simple systems I teach in this course is one of the best things you can do this year.

  • You don’t need a lot of money to start. Trading accounts today can be opened from £100
  • I provide ongoing email support even after you have completed the course
  • Very simple entry and exit strategy that even a child could execute
  • Only risk a small % of your account on any one trade. No horrific losing trades
  • Only requires approximately 20 mins a day of your time
  • You could maintain your portfolio in the evenings, great if you work full time
  • Work from anywhere in the world providing you have an internet connection
  • No jargon or complicated methods. I employ the Keep it Simple approach to trading
  • Make money from up and down markets. Bad economic times are opportunities for us!
  • Tax Free profits. No capital gains to pay on your income
  • Learn the secret of compounding profits for huge returns
  • Learn the same exact system I use to make consistent profits

“Hang on, if you make money on the stockmarket, why do you need to sell courses?”

I get this question from time to time so let me take a moment to answer it for you in case you are thinking the same thing.

Back in 2010 I was losing money trying to work out how to trade the stockmarket. I was doing it the hard way. So I decided to invest in myself by buying courses, dvd’s, books, attending workshops and seminars, and asking allthe questions I could. I spent thousands of my hard earned cash learning not only how to trade, but also how NOT to trade. Investing in my own education was the number one best thing I ever did.

Since then I have gone on to spend thousands on other courses. I have begun to learn Japanese, I’ve learnt how to invest in property, i’ve learnt mind mapping techniques, I’ve learnt a huge amount about human psychology and how it affects trading. I’ve learnt all this from courses, and people selling courses. Have I ever considered any of them being a scam? No. I’ve collected great insight from people all over the world who knew more than I did. Why were they selling information on how to make money in property if they supposedly we’re making money themselves? Why does Richard Branson write a book about how he’s made money building businesses?

Perhaps you are reading this and you don’t like the fact I am making money from the knowledge I have spent 5 years spending thousands of my own money collecting and packaging together in a simple to follow system for other people to benefit from? If so, then there is probably little I can say to encourage you to take the leap.

All I will say is I have thoroughly enjoyed helping hundreds of people from around the UK (and overseas) learn to make money from the stockmarket. Many of these people were complete beginners whose first experience of trading has been a positive one, and not an expensive one. Others have come to me after losing a lot of money trying to learn the hard way. It is a fantastic feeling to help those people stop losing money doing something they are fascinated by. It may sound cheesy, but helping other people, getting praise over email for the help you have given, it all feels great and it makes me want to reach out to even more people and continue.

We live in a world now where anyone can learn to do anything online. Yes, there are scams out there, especially in the world of trading. People promising untold riches and all for the cost of £5000+ for example. Yes, those the courses you need to be wary of.

This course will cost you £147. Take a moment then to consider the risk/reward on this. For a risk of £147 you have the opportunity to learn how to make your money back, and then take what you know and go and earn more for the rest of your years.

Why is the course only £147 It is worth a lot more I can assure you. Over 5 hours of content, with no fluff. Just good solid tangible information you can go out and put to use. Step by step direction. All online and with instant access. Yes, it’s worth a lot more. But I wanted to set the price at a level where more people could learn and get onboard. Yes I could’ve sold it for £500 but then only those with plenty can afford it. I’d rather have more students at a lower cost, then have just a handful at an expensive cost. That’s just me being honest and upfront.

So Who Am I?

My name is Chris Chillingworth. I was a complete novice to trading in 2010 before I began my journey of trading the stockmarket. I started up a blog called Spreadbet Beginner in 2011 and began to blog about everything I was learning and even posting my trading results (a rare thing these days). My results began to attract more and more people to the blog and eventually things began to take off. By 2013 the blog had become so busy that I was struggling to provide enough content and answer the emails I was getting from beginners wanting advice and help from me. I eventually quit my day job in 2014 and committed myself to this website, and set about creating this course. An entry level step into profitable Spreadbetting, teaching hundreds of people exactly how I have been making consistent profits every year.

spreadbet magazine
An article I was featured in for Spreadbet Magazine.

In 2013 I was featured in Spreadbet Magazine writing a regular column for a while before recently writing for trading and Spreadbetting website

In my spare time I am the Chairman and Founder of a Not-For-Profit Community Co-Operative American Football club called the Hastings Conquerors, my second love. In 2 years we have built our club from scratch to now providing American Football services to ages 8-55 around the South East. An achievement I am particularly proud of.

I am 37, I live in Sussex, England, right by the coast, and I am a married man with several kids who I adore. I have spent most of my adult life coaching and teaching numerous different subjects and skills for a living and so moving from coaching sport, to coaching how to trade has been a relatively natural progression for me.

I have a face for radio, I am slightly overweight, and what you see is what you get. But my results speak for themselves I think and I have yet to meet someone that I haven’t been able to teach.

So, if you are interested in beginning your Spreadbetting journey with me, or if you have tried and failed and want some guidance on how to get on the right track, click on this button below and lets get started. You’ll get instant access to the course material and you can literally begin your learning in minutes after enrolment. What have you got to lose?

What can you expect to find in the course?

    • Lesson 1 : Who I am
    • Lesson 2 : Why Spreadbetting is the most exciting way to make money from home right now
    • Lesson 3 : How you can make huge profits from just 10-20 mins a day behind your laptop
    • Lesson 4 : How Spreadbetting works
    • Lesson 5 : How to cut out all the complicated jargon and focus only on making a profit
    • Lesson 6 : My key rules to always being profitable
    • Lesson 7 : How to read stock market charts (its so easy a child could do it)
    • Lesson 8 : A simple trick to prevent yourself losing money (a common fear for beginners)
    • Lesson 9 : Basic stockmarket principles that anyone can understand
    • Lesson 10 : The reasons why some people lose money on the stockmarket and how to avoid copying them
    • Lesson 11 : Why you dont need to understand company reports, or financial data to make money
    • Lesson 12 : How we make money from reacting rather than trying to predict the markets
    • Lesson 13 : How to manage your profits and re-invest for larger profits
    • Lesson 14 : Which stocks to buy, which stocks to sell, and why
    • Lesson 15 : How and where to open a trading account
    • Lesson 16 : How to place a trade on the stockmarket
    • Lesson 17 : What books you can read to improve your knowledge
    • Lesson 18 : How people have been famously making money like this for years and getting very rich
    • Lesson 19 : What support I can give you along the way and indeed after you complete the course
    • Lesson 20 : The fantastic opportunities out there to find your own stocks and make even more profit
    • Lesson 21 : How you can be much better than me at this and make more money than I do even as a beginner
    • Lesson 22 : Simple Entry and Exit rules that have worked for traders dating back as far as the 1920’s.

      ….and you get all this and more for the really fantastic price of £147!!!!

The more money you have in your account, the more profit you make. If you achieve a 60% return with £1000 then you would have taken the exact same trades with £10,000. Or £1,000,000. So if I had a £1000 account in 2013 when I made 60% i’d have made £600 extra that year meaning I could start Year 2 with £1600. However, if I had built my account up to £10,000 and achieved 60% i’d have £6000 for the year. Sure, its not enough money to live on solely, but what would you do if someone gave you £6000 and you only had to work 10-20 mins a day, some days not even having to do anything! Think about how much the money in your savings is currently making. 0.5% is today’s going rate. Invest in a business, and you could make 10% return perhaps. Invest in a mutual fund and be lucky to make 20% in one year and a loss in the next. Taking control of your own finances is crucial today. And what’s more, some of you will beat 60% in a year. There is no ceiling. It all depends on you and which stocks you pick and how you manage your risk. I’ll teach you how to pick these, and what you are looking for, but with such an abundance of opportunities the stocks I pick may be different to yours and that means our potential profits are unlimited. Everything that I will teach you will allow you to go and get started, but i’ll be there along the way and afterwards as well, if you need me.One of my rules of this system to is keep re-investing or “compounding”. Any successfully rich man will tell you than re-investing your profits for compounded growth is the ONLY way to get rich in this world. I have surrounded myself with successful and rich people in my life and they always told me that compounding was the secret to their success. If you read any books by successful millionaires they’ll say the same thing. You see, if you were to re-invest that £6000 the next year and start with £16000 your 60% or whatever you made the next year would be worth much more. We just continue to build and build that pot up. Every year our return is larger and we eventually reach that point where our account is high enough that our returns can pay for the lifestyle we want. Imagine when you reach £50,000 in your account and you achieve a 50% return one year. That’s £25,000 for just 10-20 mins work a day. (I hit 60% one year but a silly mistake cost me a large chunk of it and I finished the year at 35%, I will teach you about this in my course also. (Yes you can learn from my mistakes too).Maybe you’d spend a big chunk of that, or maybe you’d re-invest it all and start the following year with £75,000. That of course is up to you. But the important thing to realise here is that it’s all achievable. £50,000 might seem like a million miles away right now, but if you enjoy the profit making process you will get there quicker than you think. And lets face it, if you never start the ball rolling now you’ll NEVER get there. It has to start somewhere.I also love trading and spreadbetting. I love the financial markets. I love making money. I spent the first 15 years of adulthood scraping by and doing every job I could find and so the opportunity to finally spend my time doing something I love is a real excitement. I naturally want to share it.Here’s a number of other benefits of using this system….

      • You can work at your own pace. Do you 10-20 mins work at any time of the day which suits you
      • You can work where you want. Trade from your ipad on a beach, or in the garden in the summer evenings? Its up to you.
      • You don’t need any expensive premises
      • You don’t need any staff
      • You don’t need to buy any stock or products to sell
      • No customers to have to deal with
      • Be your own boss, report to yourself for a change, do what YOU want
      • Begin working towards the life you want, if you never start the journey how can you expect to get there?
      • You don’t need ANY experience

I have taught hundreds of people how to trade the financial markets through spreadbetting and i’d say approximately 90% had no previous experience of the markets. I’ve designed my course to teach you everything you need to know. It’s so simple.

Here’s a simple video I made just introducing everyone to the course contents so you can get an idea of what to expect inside. This is the first introductory video.

So, if you’re interested in learning Spreadbetting then it’s time to enrol. For just £147 you can learn how to make your own money in a little over 5 hours. And I promise you, once you’ve gone through the course your going to want to dive right in and place your first trades.

To gain access to the course right now, just click on the button below and you will be taken to the Student Registration page where you can get instant access to the videos and get started right away!

If of course you have any questions before you want to commit and pay, feel free to email me at and we’ll do our best to answer them as soon as possible.

Good luck, enjoy the learning and i’ll see you in there.