Sept 2015 Swingtrading Report

Welcome to my September 2015 Swingtrading Report.

This report shows every single trade across August 2015 using the Swingtrading System that I teach in my Swingtrading Spreadbetting Course.

In Summary

Points Won: 84.6
Number of Trades: 47
Number of Winning Trades: 13
Number of Losing Trades: 34
Win/Loss%: 28%
Average Hold per Trade: 0.3 Days
Biggest Wining Trade: +319.6 points
Biggest Losing Trade: -84.4 points


What a hell of a month. And it was hell at times. The uncertainty in the markets made September a rather difficult month. Not so much for me, as I came into September off the back of 5 consecutive months of winning big. So for me it wasn’t hard to cope with in that respect. the hard part for me was coaching my new members through it, because anyone who joined the class in September would be forgiven for thinking “what the hell is this??”

The summary of numbers shows exactly why. 47 trades in September. Compare that to the 23 trades we had in June and you’ll know straight away that its a less than favourable month. The rule of thumb here is the less trades you make, the more profit you make. That’s been the theme right through this year on this system. Of course it makes sense as the expenditure for this month is all borne out of several small losing trades adding up.

However, on the flip side, what an advert for this style of trading. Say to someone “here’s a system that gets 13 out of 47 trades right” and most would run a mile. 🙂

Yet just look at the data above. We still made profit! How? Because everytime we got a bad signal we got ourselves out of there quickly, and overtime we found a good one, we rode it all the way home. We kept our losers short and our winners big. Simple.

28% win ratio is pretty rubbish i’ll admit, and its largely caused by the flat DAX market which is what these figures are from.

A lesson for those who love profit targets. If you take your profits too soon, you’ll never outweigh your losing trades.

Below is a .pdf table of every single trade, the entry and exit, the bet size and the profit/loss.



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