SBB 004 : What Markets to Trade

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In this weeks episode I talk about The Trend Following Experiment, my recent Surveys and why I am doing them and we get down to the nitty gritty about what markets to trade and why, as well as some top tips on what to do if you have multiple opportunities and how to pick through them.



The Trend Following Experiment

My Recent Survey


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5 Comments on “SBB 004 : What Markets to Trade”

  1. Hi Chris, I’m enjoying very much the new podcast. I was wondering when you said to trade in the direction of the overall trend in EOD style, do you recommend taking this approach whilst day trading as well? I know we must trade every signal, but could this improve accuracy or do you think it will not be profitable in the long run?

    1. Going off my own data and experiments on the markets I’ve yet to find a profitable link to only trading in one direction whilst daytrading. I’ve yet to find an indication of a trend direction you can follow. The markets move so much more on an intraday basis that they will trend both up and down within the same day. When trading that timeframe look at your historical records. Add up all your profit/loss on just your longs and do the same for all your shorts. Did you make profit on all your Longs? Did you make profit on all your shorts? If so, I don’t see the benefit of cutting one out. Here’s a more practical explanation. Lets say I made £1000 in a week. In that week I made 30 trades. Lets say 10 of them were Shorts and 20 of them were Longs. If I made £300 on the shorts and £700 on the longs, then there would be no reason to have only traded the longs, as I would have only made £700. Not £1000. So far in my intraday trading I have always made profit in both directions. Indicating to me that only trading one side of the market does not offer an advantage.

      However, thats not to say one doesn’t exist. I may have just not found it yet. I’d suggest experimenting yourself. If you are trading a 1 min chart, open a 10 min and ask yourself, if I was only trading in the direction of the 10 min trend, would I have been better off? If you’re trading a 10 min, consider looking at a 1 hour chart perhaps.

  2. Having enjoyed the beginners course I am very interested in learning about intraday next – but which one? What is the difference between Swingtrading and Daytrading? Knowing what you know now which course would you suggest?

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