Patience is a virtue……apparently

xyratex1Another day working though not quite so late into the day. Just checked my trades and Burberry has done well. My long position moved up another 29 points today taking my points total up to +93 on that trade. Great Portland dropped another point today and both my positions fell again. Still hoping tht doubling my position on that wasn’t a bad idea.

Pearson dropped 11 points today. Down -26 points overall on that now. Sainsburys, my only UK short position continued to fall slowly. 1.4 points down today and overall i’m up 4 points on that. £17.88 profit on that.

Unfortunately my failing trade is Xyratex. A US share which i’ve been shorting since 9th June. Today it’s up 37.5 points and overall i’m -70 points on it. It’s currently touching my exit point now so unless it shifts before the close of the US market in just over an hour. Won’t be long until it hits the stop I expect.

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