Trading again!

It’s been a long time but after a long long time out of the spreadtrading game i’ve returned to the fold. Where have I been? Well, back when I was last trading me and my wife had our second child. As most people with kids know, they take up a lot of time. Well, now [...]

Patience is a virtue……apparently

Another day working though not quite so late into the day. Just checked my trades and Burberry has done well. My long position moved up another 29 points today taking my points total up to +93 on that trade. Great Portland dropped another point today and both my positions fell again. Still hoping tht doubling [...]

Wow, what a day. Full day at work, back home, working into the evening until 11pm and just getting a post in before I go to bed. I haven’t checked my trades all day so have just logged into my IG Index account and taken a look at whats happened. I can immediately see i’ve [...]

The Hunt for My Perfect Trade

Firstly, there’s probabaly no such thing as a perfect trade. With so many different strategies out there I imagine any trade can look good to someone. So to start with i’ll make the following points… I’m a medium/long term trend follower I trade in both long and short conditions I’m looking to diversify my open [...]

My Week of Spreadbetting

Well I started the week at an overall profit of £53.73 and with about 1 hour to go until US markets close I’m sitting at a profit of £82.17. So I can’t complain. Over the last week my open position made the following profit/loss points:- BRBY PROFIT of 20pts, GPOR PROFIT of 0.2pts, PEARSON LOSS of [...]

Need to Learn to Diversify

With the majority of UK ftse shares dropping today I took a bit of a hit. Whether your a trend follower or not, i’ve found that when the FTSE falls dramatically I ususally have a bad day. And thats because most of my shares are UK based and they are mainly Long bets. A habit [...]

The Spreadbetting Rollercoaster

As a wierd looking young girl once said to me via my television set….”wowzers”. My week has gone from bad to worse. In fact taking a step back and looking at May and June my profits have been steadily plummetting towards nothingness. Despite this, i’m still positive things are going to come good, although i’d [...]

Tips for budding spread betters

Tips for budding spread betters   By Sally Nicoll Author of Bets and the City Is financial spread betting a valid form of investment? How does it work? And will you make your fortune - or lose your shirt? According to Napoleon, we're a nation of shopkeepers. But now Tesco's taken over the retail trade, [...]

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