The Hunt for My Perfect Trade

Firstly, there’s probabaly no such thing as a perfect trade. With so many different strategies out there I imagine any trade can look good to someone. So to start with i’ll make the following points… I’m a medium/long term trend follower I trade in both long and short conditions I’m looking to diversify my open [...]

My Week of Spreadbetting

Well I started the week at an overall profit of £53.73 and with about 1 hour to go until US markets close I’m sitting at a profit of £82.17. So I can’t complain. Over the last week my open position made the following profit/loss points:- BRBY PROFIT of 20pts, GPOR PROFIT of 0.2pts, PEARSON LOSS of [...]

Need to Learn to Diversify

With the majority of UK ftse shares dropping today I took a bit of a hit. Whether your a trend follower or not, i’ve found that when the FTSE falls dramatically I ususally have a bad day. And thats because most of my shares are UK based and they are mainly Long bets. A habit [...]

The Spreadbetting Rollercoaster

As a wierd looking young girl once said to me via my television set….”wowzers”. My week has gone from bad to worse. In fact taking a step back and looking at May and June my profits have been steadily plummetting towards nothingness. Despite this, i’m still positive things are going to come good, although i’d [...]

Tips for budding spread betters

Tips for budding spread betters   By Sally Nicoll Author of Bets and the City Is financial spread betting a valid form of investment? How does it work? And will you make your fortune - or lose your shirt? According to Napoleon, we're a nation of shopkeepers. But now Tesco's taken over the retail trade, [...]

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