Is Diversification that important?

By Chris Chillingworth A month or so ago a fellow Spreadbettor emailed me after taking a look at my Trade History which I feature here on my blog. He asked me the question "are you concerned about a market crash bearing in mind your 80% bullish right now on your account?". It really got me [...]

I like to do this from time to time. I think it's a good thing to show people you actively trade the markets you say you trade. There are a lot of experts out there that don't ever show their trades, or even their own portfolios. I expect there's reasons for this, but I've always [...]

10,000 hits! Thank you!

It's been a bit stop start this blog. Started in April 2011 and it's closed 3-4 times when I thought I hated blogging and then re-opened a few weeks later when I realised I enjoyed blogging too much......(don't ask, not even I know what i'm talking about). Anyhow, over that time the readers have come [...]


I opened a shorting position in Nordic American Tankers yesterday 17/09/2012. NAT has been trending short since around Sept/Oct 2010 when the share price was 2800. It fell for a long time until consolidating around April 2012 at around 1600. It fell a little more whilst it tried to decide where to go and I [...]

My Trades – Update #6

So my capital account is now up to £1500 with my profit/loss sitting at -£140 roughly. If you check out my trading history page you'll notice that i've gone from sitting at breakeven to the -£140 loss in the space of a week. This isn't an indication of the system not working or anything like that, [...]

My Starting Trades

Ok, so I opened 2 trades on 27th April. The first is with Aegis Group, a media and digital marketing group. Looking at the chart it’s been trending long for the last 6 months. It’s also affordable for me to place a stop loss on the 100 day moving average and trade at £1 per [...]