10,000 hits! Thank you!

It's been a bit stop start this blog. Started in April 2011 and it's closed 3-4 times when I thought I hated blogging and then re-opened a few weeks later when I realised I enjoyed blogging too much......(don't ask, not even I know what i'm talking about). Anyhow, over that time the readers have come [...]


I opened a shorting position in Nordic American Tankers yesterday 17/09/2012. NAT has been trending short since around Sept/Oct 2010 when the share price was 2800. It fell for a long time until consolidating around April 2012 at around 1600. It fell a little more whilst it tried to decide where to go and I [...]

My Trades – Update #6

So my capital account is now up to £1500 with my profit/loss sitting at -£140 roughly. If you check out my trading history page you'll notice that i've gone from sitting at breakeven to the -£140 loss in the space of a week. This isn't an indication of the system not working or anything like that, [...]

My Starting Trades

Ok, so I opened 2 trades on 27th April. The first is with Aegis Group, a media and digital marketing group. Looking at the chart it’s been trending long for the last 6 months. It’s also affordable for me to place a stop loss on the 100 day moving average and trade at £1 per [...]

Trading again!

It’s been a long time but after a long long time out of the spreadtrading game i’ve returned to the fold. Where have I been? Well, back when I was last trading me and my wife had our second child. As most people with kids know, they take up a lot of time. Well, now [...]

Patience is a virtue……apparently

Another day working though not quite so late into the day. Just checked my trades and Burberry has done well. My long position moved up another 29 points today taking my points total up to +93 on that trade. Great Portland dropped another point today and both my positions fell again. Still hoping tht doubling [...]

Wow, what a day. Full day at work, back home, working into the evening until 11pm and just getting a post in before I go to bed. I haven’t checked my trades all day so have just logged into my IG Index account and taken a look at whats happened. I can immediately see i’ve [...]