New Year, New Profits

Welcome everyone to 2015. A year that I am very excited about.

This year I hope to provide more focus to the website and the service it is now providing to almost 200 members. I plan to work hard this year to help as many people as possible adopt a consistently profitable trading system, but more importantly, learn how to implement it. Whist at risk of sounding like a stuck record, it is not the system that makes you the money but the way you implement it. This is largely governed by your own behaviour, psychology and stomach for losses (which inevitably you will incur when trying to ride the stockmarket). I believe my course goes a long way to covering a great deal of what i’ve learnt so far and how I’ve become consistently profitable. With over 5 hours of content in there now it really is a great affordable entry into the world of trading and spreadbetting. Thank you everyone for all your positive feedback this year and i’m overjoyed that many of you have gone on to making profitable returns trading. Many of you have been new to trading/spreadbetting the markets, others have come from using different approaches looking for a new way to trade. I love getting your emails and seeing how you are all doing. I also very much enjoy hearing from those who haven’t quite clicked with it yet. I’ve lost count of the number of emails I’ve sent where i’ve then had a reply of “Oh! Now I get it! It’s finally fallen into place!”. And that’s not a dig because I know how confusing the markets can be. But those eureka moments are rather enjoyable to see.

However, despite the success of the course I have already begun work this year on a new course focusing on the Psychology aspect of trading. This isn’t your usual “these are the emotions you get from trading” rubbish. If i’m going to commit my time to producing something new I want it to be an affordable and valuable resource. After spending years researching the psychological impact trading has on us all, and having personally learned a lot of lessons from my own trading experiences I have a huge amount of content and tips and tricks that I employ to make sure I don’t fall foul of all the tricks my mind plays on me. Our own mind can cause us to make some awful decisions along the way, decisions we usually look back upon and regret. So this January I am hoping to release a whopper of a course showing you not only everything I know to make you aware of what to avoid doing, but also HOW to actually stop yourself making these bad judgement calls. When they say trading is 20% mechanics and 80% psychology in my opinion they are 100% correct. Allowing emotion to influence your trading is the road to losses. My course will share with you everything I employ to make sure I don’t let the markets play me.

I’m expecting this to be up and ready by the end of the month but it could be as late as February. The content is largely written now and has taken me about 3 months to put down on paper and I’m now going through the process of putting it all together in presentation form. I see it as a practical hands on guide on how to keep your emotions out of your trading to increase your profitability.

On a side note the trade alerts will begin later today. I am scanning the markets for opportunities that I like and will get back to it shortly. My apologies for the lack of updates over Xmas, however I have worked every year over Xmas for the past 10 years in different offices for different bosses. Now i’m my own boss it felt important to take some time with my family without work getting in the way, and really indulge. So the gym membership will be being used over the next few months as I try my best to burn it all back off.

I hope everyone had a great Xmas and New Year. Time to get our heads down, look for those opportunities and start building a portfolio for a profitable 2015. Good luck out there!

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