New Spreadbetting Forum

This week i’m very pleased to announce we have a new private spreadbetting forum up and running now and already full of discussion and content.

You can gain access for free, whether you are a member or not, however you must apply for access and there are a set list of rules you must abide by in order to participate.

Most trading and spreadbetting forums are negative places in my experience, and so I am working hard to ensure this group stays a positive and welcoming group for any newcomers and especially for any beginners. I want this to be the best spreadbetting forum available to Spreadbetters. The most popular and the best in terms of value gained by being a participant.

Inside you’ll find numerous discussions about spreadbetting the financial markets, a growing a thriving community of likeminded people, and lots and lots of learning opportunities for beginners via a variety of user posted questions and answers supplied by myself and the other users.

The rules of the spreadbetting forum are very simple:-

1. Get my FREE Book ‘The Spreadbetting Beginner Guide’ here:

2. SAY HELLO!  Introduce yourself on the Introductions post. Tell us a bit about yourself and your spreadbetting background, if any.

Check out my 4 Hour Spreadbetting Beginners Online video Course. You can read more about it here.

I’ve been running a Spreadbetting Podcast now since July 2015 with over 50,000 downloads. It’s chock full of FREE content and insight. You can get it on the website or here on iTunes.…/spreadbet-beginner…/id1020677804…

I’m not a fan of negative nellies! If you come in here to moan and gripe then you’ll be booted out. No if’s or but’s. If you don’t have something positive to add, don’t post. Let’s help each other improve and get better.

6. HAVE FUN and interact. COMMENT on THIS POST and introduce yourselves.

7. No Spam, No advertising and No stock picks and NO PREDICTIONS that could lead to people veering from their system and losing their money, thanks.

If you are interested in joining us and getting involved you can click on the tab in the top navigation bar cunningly titled FORUM, or you can click on this link here.

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