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In recent weeks i’ve been talking to the editor over at Spreadbet Magazine about doing a monthly feature about my spreadbetting experience and i’m pleased to say the latest edition has come out featuring yours truly.

I’ve been reading Spreadbet Magazine on and off now for the last year or so. I say on/off because in all honesty i’ve missed a few editions. It’s an e-magazine and therefore not in printed form, but lets face it, with the recent news this month that the Guardian are going to be stopping printing and focusing on digital only, and the same news from the US magazine Newsweek, publications are clearly starting to make that shift to digital viewing.

You can find my ugly mug on Page 30 but i’d recommend reading through the whole magazine if you don’t already subscribe. What’s more, it’s FREE. So if you Spreadbet/Spreadtrade, you should really get yourself signed up for your copy.

You can catch my article and the latest edition here.

If you want anymore information you can pop over to

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5 Comments on “New Feature – Spreadbet Magazine”

  1. Hi Chris,

    Just had a chance to read through this in the magazine. First of all, congrats on being featured.

    It’s a good introduction to your story. I look forward to reading the rest of the series as you continue your journey to untold riches.

    Tomorrow is going to be an exciting day all round and I hope your positions go well.


  2. Hey Chris,

    Great feature you’ve wrote. I like many, can relate to your ‘job hang-up’ 100%….

    Well done for re-evaluating your life…

    Look forward to reading more as your story unfolds and happy trading…

    1. Thanks very much. Appreciate it. I’ve slacked a little on the updates recently though. Found myself getting far too immersed into my trades and understanding wall street data. Have spent a few days taking a step back and now I Need to get my arse into gear. Having a good day on the markets today so this might be the motivation I need.

      Thanks for reading and for getting in touch.

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