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So, almost a year into delivering the 4 Hour Spreadbetting Beginners course to hundreds of people I have finally managed to release my second course, this time dedicated to Daytrading. Why? Well, a number of my students over the past year had been in touch to explain that whilst they were very happy to make 10% – 40% return a year, this was particularly slow growth for those with sub £5000 accounts.

Partly as a result of that, and partly from my own curiosity I set about looking at how I might be able to put a system together that takes all the core fundamental trading techniques I believe in and which have made me money over the past 5 years, and apply them to a daytrading system. The result being a mechanical system that achieves similar returns but far more frequently.

There are some downsides to daytrading, for example, you have to commit time to it. Unlike the EOD systems, daytrading requires  large dose of attention whilst you are live in the market, but it’s evident from the discussions I’ve had with a large number of you that this is an area many of you are keen to explore.

This new course is a culmination of 6 months worth of testing. I have tested different timeframes, markets, money management systems, indicators and even when I settled on the right setup I still had to learn HOW to trade this system. There are some differences to how you do it, however i’ve been very successful in trading using this system. During the test phase I grew a £1300 account to a £6000 account over just a few months, a significantly exciting growth rate.

The course builds upon the knowledge and modules delivered in the 4 Hour Spreadbetting Beginners course. So, it has been designed assuming that the watcher has already completed that course. As a result it does not delve into the fundamental best practices as much and instead focuses more on this particular system and how to trade it.

In addition to slides and screenshots there is also well over an hour and a half worth of live trading footage. This is essentially me filming my trading in the mornings every day and showing you how i’m getting on. You’ll see everything from my entry and exit points, you’ll see how the market moves, as well as stop loss placement. Personally I think it’ll really help students get a better and quicker grasp on how to replicate it.

Pricewise I’ve placed it at £119.99. This is borne out of the time and energy that’s been put into making it. I put so much effort into making it as good as I could that I ended up re-recording all the videos from scratch in the end, re-writing the slides and changing the structure. As a result the theory has reduced and the application in the real world (i.e. live trading footage) has increased. With achievable returns of £300+ in one day I’m very happy that the course is fantastic value. You can actually make your money back within a day. It works on a myriad of different markets (although the course will tell you what my favourites are) and it doesn’t necessarily take up your whole day. As you’ll see from the live trading footage, there are days where I will hit my profit target by 10am and shut down for the day, free to spend the rest of my day doing whatever I want.

So, if you are interested in taking the course, you can take a look and Enrol at

There’s bound to be the odd teething issues here and there as well, so if you have any problems please email me at

I’m very keen to hear how people get on. So please get in touch once you’re trading the system. I am offering free email support to anyone taking the course so i’m here if you need any support. Email details for that service are in the course. Trade safe. CC

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  1. Hi Chris I was just wondering where can I find your book list I’d like to give it a look to see if I have any of those books .The swing trading course is a great course I am enjoying it I am learning so much from it thank you

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