New 4 Hour Course now Available!

After a lot of time and effort I can now very happily announce the release of the Spreadbet Beginner – 4 Hour Spreadbetting Beginners Web Course!

I’ve spent best part of 3 months working on this which started from a note book I took around with me for weeks jotting down ideas and parts of my trading that I felt I wanted to include in the course. I didn’t set out to record 4 hours worth of video material, and I only ever expected there to be maybe 2 hours of footage. But i’m really pleased at how it’s come out.

It;s not like your usual trading guru videos. For starters I didn’t shoot it on location at my Seafront apartment in Miami Beach. In fact it was filmed in my Dining Room here in Sussex, England. However, it is to the point and in it does cover pretty much everything I could think of that I felt you guys would need to know in order to trade the same way I do or at least understand my trading strategy and how I make consistent profits.

Now it’s up and available, minus the Quiz at the end which I’m working on this week. I hope to work on some more Members videos over the next few weeks as i’ve had a few emails whilst filming the course asking for specific videos to be done which I’m quite happy to do.

You can read more, watch my intro video, and enrol onto the course here or go to the WEB COURSE link in the top menu.

I can confirm that if you are an existing member wishing to enrol onto the 4 hour video course then you do so by going to the main menu and selecting LOGIN/MEMBERSHIP DETAILS/OTHER MEMBERSHIP OPTIONS.

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3 Comments on “New 4 Hour Course now Available!”

  1. Hi,
    I have just subscribed to your web course via pay pal but I am struggling to find the link to the actual course when logged in?
    Could you point me in the right direction please.
    Many thanks

  2. With this course to you supply a trading plan and access to you excel money management system?

    Keep up the great work i.e POD cast, You Tube I am glad I’ve found you better late than never


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