July 2015 Swingtrading Report

Welcome to my July 2015 Swingtrading Report.


This report shows every single trade across July 2015 using the Swingtrading System that I teach in my Swingtrading Spreadbetting Course.

In Summary

Actual Cash Profit: £1061.00
Points Won: 530.5
Number of Trades: 34
Number of Winning Trades: 12
Number of Losing Trades: 22
Win/Loss%: 35%
Average Hold per Trade: 0.6 Days
Biggest Win in £’s: £836
Biggest Loss in £’s: £180

Below is a table of every single trade, the entry and exit, the bet size and the profit/loss. Click to enlarge.




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2 Comments on “July 2015 Swingtrading Report”

  1. Hey Chris

    How can you bet same size £ per point if use account % as a rule? Which would mean with stops being at different levels then if account risk is 1% then on some trades the £ per point will be higher and other trades lower? This can’t be a true reflection of a real account using the rule of risking a percentage of account?

    1. Hey Deepa. Hope you are well.

      Contrary to the course content which teaches differently, I have purposefully changed the bet size to £2 per point on every single trade. This is primarily for privacy reasons (I don’t want family, friends, business clients etc knowing my exact income, it can make life awkward), but it also gives the beginner a good insight into the results possible at that minimum level so I figured that if I was going to give away the results of my system in such a transparent fashion people would happily work out for themselves the rate of account growth based on these trades. It’s very easy to start with £10k and work out how much you would have made with the right bet sizes to reflect your maximum risk per trade. The actual profits achieved are far greater than those shown for this very reason. As a result these trading records are indicative of my systems actual performance on a trade by trade basis and do not reflect my own personal private account growth.

      If you have done the Swingtrading Course you’ll know the entries and exits and you’ll be able to cross reference my results against the signals to see that this is a 100% accurate reflection of the systems performance.

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