Intraday Spread Betting the DAX

Have you ever seen my Intraday trading videos from 2016? Back when I was trading the DAX on a 10 minute chart? This is the system that achieved a 31.6% return in June 2016 alone.

Well, i’ve started trading the system again, and video documenting my journey. This time with live videos (much like my Diary of a Trend Follower series that reached over 5000 views last year).

It’s early days, but last weeks episodes saw us take home +£200. August saw us take home a small 1.2% return for the month. September sees us up 2.5%… the moment. 🙂 However, I know as well as anyone that we could easily lose all that this month. Not every month is a winning month of course.

July 2018 for example was a -6.2% month. We made 59 trades and only 11 wins that month. But…….. when you know the system is capable of 31.6% returns in a month (Jun 2016), 27.4% seen in Sept 2016 and 23.4% in April 2017, those -6% months really don’t cause much concern.

You see it’s the long game i’m playing. When most traders are getting upset over 1 trade. Or a 6 trade losing run. I’m thinking about the bigger picture. How much % will I make over the year. The individual trades don’t really matter. Its the ability to stick through the system during the hard times that makes all the difference.

The system has seen losing runs of 14 trades in a row at times (Jan 2017), and yet still only finished that month down -1.4%. And I believe it’s this bigger picture mentality that really helps a trader get their head around whats important.

So if watching me make or break my trading capital trading the 10 minute DAX market interests you, head on over to this link and watch. Episode 018 is where we pick things up for 2018.

I hereby invite you to either laugh in my face as I fail, or celebrate with me as I succeed. I have plenty of haters and even more supporters. Some people love to see others succeed. Others are bitter about it. Either way, you’re welcome to join me.

And if you do choose to tune in, please subscribe to the channel and leave a comment.

Wishing you all the best of luck in your own trading.

p.s. want to get in touch and say hi? Please do.

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