Inner Circle Coaching Program


Would you like to work directly with me to help you improve your Spreadbetting and Trading results?

Would you like your own specialist Spreadbetting and Trading coach?

I want to teach you how to dramatically improve your trading and spreadbetting results!

For the last few months i’ve been working with over 30 people on this and we’ve seen some dramatic improvements not only in the results but in the areas that create these results. Improved best practices, improved risk management, improved stock selection, improved psychology management and of course improved confidence.

If you are getting poor or even average results in your trading/spreadbetting then having a trading coach on hand can make a huge improvement. Having been successfully profitable now for this being my 5th year, and achieving a 135% return in 2016 intraday and 18% end of day, I have made every mistake in the book and learned from it.

spreadbetting record

I’m not one to blow smoke up my own bum very often. But I’m very good at what I do and I teach stuff no one else seems to teach. The information you need that really makes a difference. It’s not systems (although we do explore new systems to try). It’s not magical indicators (although we do explore different indicators you can use).

Instead, I focus my energy on what you really need to be focusing on. Mainly….YOU.

I work out where you are with your trading, identify your weaknesses and tell you what you need to do in order to fix it. I then work with you on fixing it.

  • Are you cutting your losses too quickly?
  • Are you letting the odd losing trade get out of hand?
  • Are you taking trades you shouldn’t?
  • Are you skipping signals for fear of them turning into losing trades?
  • Are you unconfident in your system?
  • Are you overwhelmed with even how to get started perhaps?
  • Would you like someone to hold your hand so to speak and give you a road map to success?
  • Someone to just tell you what to focus on first.
  • No bullshit. No false promises. I will help you get there.

I lost money in my first 2 years of trading. A lot of money. I remember one day sitting at home trading the DAX on 1 minute charts and being -£400 down. I lowered my stop loss because I didn’t want to lock in the loss by closing it. It fell to -£600. At this point it’s even harder to close. But you know you should. It fell to -£800, -£1000. I remember sweating, feeling sick. If I close I lose £1000. If I keep it open it could turn around or get worse. In the end I closed at a loss of -£1200. It was a horrific day for me as back then £1200 was a lot of money to me. A heck of a lot.

I have never allowed myself to ever lose big again. It was a fantastic lesson to me. And i’ve learned so many best practices and have techniques you’ll never have heard before that will prevent you ever losing big again if you follow them. Never losing big sets you up to then focus on making profits and sticking around for a long time to learn.

Today i’m achieving results that beat many of the big hedge funds. Certainly beating what you can do in a savings account, on bonds, ISA’s and even mutual funds. I will now always manage my own money. I have full control, no management fees to pay. No hidden fees and i’m achieving fantastic returns.

  • Would you like to grow your money faster than a mutual fund can?
  • Would you like full control?
  • Would you like to stop losing big and start winning big?
  • Perhaps have a monster year if you pick the right stocks.

But you don’t just get me if you join us. There’s a flipping stupid amount of additional value added.

You’ll also get access to…

  • – Monthly bespoke 1 to 1 Skype session with me (focused on you and your situation, we’ll set you monthly goals and keep you on track for better trading performance)
  • – Access to my 30 Step Advanced Spreadbetting Program (guiding you through everything you need to know to really improve your results)
  • – Access to my Cognitive Bias training (17 video online Trading Psychology course that will completely open your eyes to why you have been losing and how to change your bad habits)
  • – Access to my Trading Legends Book Club reviewing the key takeaways of the best trading books out there (10 videos so far and growing)
  • – Access to my training on How to Build A Trading Journal (because how can you expect to improve if you’re not measuring your progress properly)
  • – Access to my Bonus Trainings, Systems Trainings and Sharescope Tutorials
  • – Access to my seminar recordings

…..and I’m always doing new things. New videos, courses etc. 121 Program clients always get the treats first.


You’ll get to book in every month a 30 minute 121 consultation with me over Skype so I can help you with anything you need.


Get access to a dedicated Facebook Group with me. Allowing you to post charts, screenshots, discuss signals, stop losses and entries, exits with me. You’ll also have instant messaging access with me during the day and evenings which I work around my own trading day.


Every week I produce a new exclusive training video for members only. These do not appear on Youtube or any other public domain and cover any topic the group see value in. These are made to benefit you. You’ll also have access to the entire vault of previous videos i’ve done so far.


You will automatically be enrolled into the 30 Step Advanced Spreadbetting Program Course (How to Improve Your Spreadbetting) previously selling for £597, my Systems Training Course teaching you about different systems you can trade (worth £297), my How to Build a Trading Journal Training (worth £297) which has not been seen before and will also come with access to my very special and exclusive trading journal including equity chart setup. I’ll will also provide support for using these journals (which bearing in mind I charge £200 an hour for my time is great value in itself), access to my Elite Academy Training (worth £597) which teaches mindset and psychology, and my Mastering Cognitive Biases in Trading Course which is super high value (worth £997).


You’ll also get access to my library of Tutorials on Sharescope, Pro Real Time and certain brokers platforms such as IG.

And if you’ve ever done any of my stuff, heard my podcasts, watched my youtubes, been in my Facebook group, you’ll know my stuff is quality. I put a lot of love into my work. No fluff. Every lesson has a takeaway. Something of value that you can apply.

All this is available on the website. Once you’ve enrolled you’ll get a login and all access granted to this amazing library of learning content. You’ll get emails from me when we are booking in the fortnightly calls where you can book yourself directly into my calendar. And you’ll get notified when I’m running the webinars. We even do votes on what subjects you want me to talk about.

Whats more you learn as fast as you want. You can do one lesson a week. one a day. Whatever. Up to you. You get out what you put in generally speaking.

Here’s a few words from some existing members about what they thought of the 30 Step Program so far.

spreadbetting inner circle testimonial 1

spreadbetting inner circle testimonial 2

Coming on board with me, being part of my team, will save you a huge ton of money in avoided losses and expensive lessons trying to learn this all the hard way. It’s a no brainer return on investment.

So come on Chris, how much is it gonna cost dude?

You’ll be surprised, but I would ask you just for a brief moment to think about something….

How much have you lost so far in trying to learn this trading game on your own? How expensive have your lessons been?

A wise man once said “why try and reinvent the wheel? People have already achieved what you’re looking to achieve, so go and learn how they did it. You’ll get there so much faster”.

Since then I’ll happily pay for coaches to teach me things I don’t know. When I try and work it out for myself I get there slower and it always ends up being more expensive. I have an accountant, a web designer, a business coach, a health and fitness coach, and I just hired a new assistant.

With all the above value being provided here I could easily charge over £297 a month for this lot. Just the courses alone combined are worth over £3000 all in. However, I don’t want to price people out. I genuinely want to work with the right people.

I was going to charge £197 a month. As I’ve said before, I like to charge 10% of the value I think the material is worth to people.

But even £197 is too high for some. I’ve been there myself and not everyone can stretch to that.

So i’m running it at £97 a month.

That’s it.

You can cancel at any time as well. No minimum subscription or anything. No hidden fees. Nothing sneaky as that’s not what i’m about. If you want to join for a month and leave, you can. No hassle at all. Just cancel your payments and job done.

So jump on board today or you are likely to miss out. No BS there. I can’t keep this open forever as I’ll stretch myself too thin. This may be taken down or closed at any time.

Joining is so easy. Just click on this link. If it still works then it means there are seats left. If it says it’s closed, then it means we’re full, sorry.


If it’s not for you, then no worries. If you have any questions about it however, you can email me at or drop me a Facebook message if you are that way inclined.

For those that do manage to get in. I genuinely look forward to working with you all.