I’m on Periscope

Hey guys, so everyone is raving about this Periscope thing and I figured i’d take a look. If you are not sure what it is, its basically a live stream where people can watch whatever your phone is looking at. I figured it might be quite cool to do a regular segment on it. Maybe a lesson of the day thing. So from 10:00 am every day I am going to do a short live stream from the office showing what i’m up to with my trading and generally chatting about Spreadbetting.

If you are interested you can tune in by going to your apps searcher and downloading Periscope. You’ll usually sign in using your Twitter I believe and you should be able to tune into my feed. I’m still learning how it works so apologies if the first few feeds are a bit awkward and messy. Gotta start somewhere though right? And I do like all this new technology coming out.

So, Spreadbetting in the morning at 10:00 with me on Periscope. Oh, and if you miss it you can still watch the recording up to 24 hours after the show. Pretty neat.

Hopefully see you on there.


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