Getting Started – Part 3 – Find a Spreadbetting Broker

find a spreadbetting broker

Welcome back to our ‘Getting Started’ series. In Parts 1 and 2 we talked about finding the right system for you and also the importance of getting some training and having a system.

Once you have decided on a system that fits you, and you have some training under your belt you are inevitably going to need to get yourself a Spreadbetting broker, but who do you choose? Well, we’ve put together a simple roundup of who’s out there and what they offer. These are in no particular order of the best to worse, in fact, they are simply in alphabetical order. So don’t just pick the top one because it’s first. Carry out your own due diligence before you decide who you are going to use.


Capital Spreads

They are the 2nd largest Spreadbetting provider in the UK. Formed in 2003 they have a history of tight spreads which means they can be a little cheaper to use for Day and Swingtraders. However, their list of markets are not as extensive, but all the main ones are there. If you are looking to trade more obscure markets or small cap stocks you may have trouble finding them. If you want to trade higher more common markets, these guys will do you just fine.

City Index

A global broker operating since 1983. Generally considered a good solid all round broker with good spreads, good customer service and an easy to use trading platform.


CMC Markets

Been around since 1989 and are generally considered to the have the nicest looking trading platform around. Their charts are very nice to trade. The range of markets is not as great as other providers but another good all round Spreadbetting provider here.


Core Spreads

New kid on the block formed in 2014. Core Spreads philosophy is that people are paying bigegr spreads with other firms because of all the extra bells and whistles you get. Core Spreads USP is that you don’t need that stuff to trade and as such they have some of the tightest spreads available, if not ‘the’ tightest. However, they only offer the bigger markets and don’t have a huge range to choose from, but if you are trading indexes or Forex on an intraday basis then these guys are worth a look.


ETX Capital

Founded in 2002 ETX are a growing Spreadbetting firm who have recently invested money into their trading platform.



IG (formerly IG Index)

These guys have been around for a long time. 40 years in fact. That does say something about the security of the company and I personally like the fact they have been around for a while. Does it mean that much? Probably not, but you have to whittle down your choices some how, and I see new kids on the block as being a bit more risky. Some may rather go for the guys who have been around and seen it, done it. IG also have the largest choice in markets to trade. In fact, the amount of markets you can trade with these guys is vast.



Been around since 1999 and are based in St Albans. Generally considered a good Spreadbetting broker by most. They have a nice aesthetically pleasing trading platform and a good range of markets available.


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3 Comments on “Getting Started – Part 3 – Find a Spreadbetting Broker”

  1. Hi Chris

    You missed out Fin Spreads for beginners and Intertrader for more experienced traders, however I haven’t tried them so can’t really comment.

    For stake size, City Index are the best, they offer 0.50p per point on all markets whereas IG have a minimum of £2, which on the DAX is a massive stake, even for a large account.

    For charts, IG’s standard ones are great and if you place a few trades a month you get Pro Real Time for free which is about £20 per month normally. City Index charts are a complete waste of time and look like teletext. They have an advanced platform with better charts but it’s only available for Windows, useless!

    Market commentary and analysis is really informative on IG, City Index less so.

    The range of markets on IG is second to none, they offer nearly all AIM stocks, even the obscure ones, again City Index only offer markets with a certain market cap. You can even call IG and ask them to add a market to the platform, City Index…no chance.

  2. Nobody ever seems to mention LCG. They are by far the best. Tight spreads. London based. Allow you to hedge the same currency, stock etc. Always pay out immediately. Have a massive range of things to trade, all major ones and most minors. Is there a reason nobody seems to mention them?

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