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Hey guys.

I just wanted to drop you all a line about this offer that Sharescope are running at the moment. If you are thinking of purchasing this software for your spreadbetting / trading then give me a shout first. Sharescope is the software I use in my videos to bring up charts and find trading opportunities. If I recommend you we both get 2 months of Sharescope free. Makes sense for us all to save money whilst the offer is on. Especially if its an investment you were already thinking of making.

If you would like me to recommend you for a free 2 months then drop me an email at and i’ll get it sorted for you.

All the best.


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One Comment on “Get 2 Months FREE Sharescope subscription”

  1. Sharescope is top class software for selecting stock and a bunch of other things. The Sharescope Plus is the one to get, I’d say because you can do so much more. See: Compare.

    I know some may think, “Do I really need all that?”. I think it’s better to ‘oversupply’ a bit, because as you become more experienced, then there are many more features you might think of using. But the Sharescope people (I spoke to them directly) were happy to allow users to upgrade or downgrade if they’re on a monthly subscription. Please double check that with them (and have written confirmation). So it’s possible to go from Gold, to Plus to Pro, from what they told me, a couple months ago.

    I know I’m sounding like an advert for Chris, but if it wasn’t for Chris I’d probably not have come across Sharescope for quite some time. So I had alerted Chris about the tell a friend thing and gave him the benefit of the free months, for all his good work.

    Cost of the whole thing is an important factor. In my case I’ve made back the cost of the Sharescope spending for 1 year already – so I’d say it’s worth it. However.. big however – the software ain’t gonna do it for you i.e. it ain’t gonna make the money. Like all things it takes much learning and discipline. BTW (and for example), I have three colleagues and work who had spent around £200 for Dragon Naturally Speaking (speech recognition software) – months later they’re telling me that they found it a chore to train and use. So like duhhh!!!

    Before spending I’d say it’s absolutely important to be determined to do the training for trading first, and also train yourself to use Sharescope, and then apply all that Chris has taught. Else – it would be rather silly to spend and then moan about the software not working for you (as some people tend to say). Software doesn’t work for anybody. It’s we who work the software – it’s a tool.

    Sharescope (the company) also does some free live training. There’s one coming up in London on 13th November. I’ll be there. :)) Also they sell some DVD bundles – that are worth the money. It really shows you how to work the software. Of course all this takes hours and hours, but that’s the investment – the time in training to learn the thing.

    When you first crank up sharescope, it’s a bit daunting. I use a wide variety of software and didn’t find it intuitive to work. Layouts and windows etc can easily become messed up if you don’t know what’s going on. That’s where the DVD’s come in. But in a week or two most people should get the hang of it.

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