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This course is dedicated to those wishing to begin a journey with Daytrading the Financial Markets. It’s designed for those who have completed the fantastically well received “4 Hour Spreadbetting Beginners Course” but perhaps are frustrated with the slow rate of growth on their account. Beginners Daytrading is a much faster alternative, with opportunities to achieve anything from 1 – 10% returns a day on your account. The course promotes responsible trading practices, showing you ways to ensure you do not risk more than you can afford to trade. The screenshot below shows just how much TAX FREE profit can be made in one day on a simple £2 per point trade. I used to make £80 a day working in an office doing a job I hated. Now I trade from home, making MORE money, and most days i’m done by 11:00 am! Most days I get the afternoon off, and let me tell you, in the summer, that’s pretty awesome!


 daytrading beginner chart

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Are you fed up of working for other people? Want to be your own boss but not sure you want the stresses of your own business? Disenchanted by the poor work from home opportunities available out there? I can completely relate how you feel.


chris chillingworthMy name is Chris Chillingworth and for the past 5 years i’ve been making consistent profits from the comfort of my own home for just 10-20 mins of my time a day, in the evenings, trading two systems I’ve called EOD1 and EOD2. Since 2013 I have also been teaching this system to hundreds of people from all walks of life and backgrounds and continue to do so today through my “4 Hour Spreadbetting Beginners Course”. I have taught Men, women, students, retired, and people just like me fed up of working in a job I didn’t like. I’ve taught cleaners to directors, and I continue to do so today.

Yet it’s easy to understand why my members with smaller accounts have been keen to find find a way of growing their accounts even quicker.

As a result I went to work in 2014 and set to building a new course which would take all my best practices taught in my first course, but applied to a shorter time frame where profits could be banked more frequently. The end result was a Daytrading Beginners system which I am very proud of and have spent the last year profiting from. You see, I would never teach a system that I have not traded myself with my own money. The idea of sending people down the wrong path of trading horrifies me. So when members continued to chase me on when the course was coming out, I explained to them that I had no intention of rushing the release, purely because I wanted it to be right.

However, I am over the moon that I can now say the course is available to everyone. I think the price is very fair. It’s taken over 6 months from the first test to the finished product and what’s more it’s teaching people a skill for life. Even if you are in your 50’s, in 10 years you can grow your account significantly higher and reap the benefits. You could even pass this knowledge down to someone else one day and help them achieve financial stability or even freedom if they can execute it well. Last week I needed £500 for car repairs after a road traffic accident. £500 bill for a car is a bitter pill to swallow. With my account at the size I have now built it to I made £750 the next day. I took £500 out and put the £250 spare back into my account to continue to help with growth. A few years ago I would have struggled to find that money. That’s the power of daytrading the stockmarket.

Financial Spreadbetting is a way of making money from the Stockmarket. Now most people, previously including myself, stay away from exploring this area of making money purely because they feel they don’t know enough about the stockmarket. They see it as risky and dangerous and not something they want the hassle of attempting to learn.

spreadbet magazine chris chillingworth
An article I was featured in for Spreadbet Magazine.

I honestly felt the same way years ago. However, with some research I quickly discovered that I didn’t need to know about the financial markets in order to make money. I still don’t know anything about them today to be honest with you. But people have been making money from the stockmarket for years and in the last 10 years or so the stockmarket has become far more accessible for the average man or woman on the street.

The system I use is derived from several years of research and reading trading books and guides, testing what works and what doesn’t. It’s taken me a long time to finally hone my understanding and strategy into a profitable system. Yet its so easy I honestly believe a 10 year old could do it, and one day i’ll test that theory when my son reaches that age!

I’ve now put together a fantastic online daytrading spreadbetting course with hours of material, tutorials, theory and also live trading footage explaining how you can get involved in this method of making money and i’m really excited about it. In the course you’ll learn….

– Who I am
– What makes Beginners Daytrading different to my EOD systems?
– What you’ll need to get it all up and running
– How to setup your charts exactly like mine in the course
– What indicators we use
– Which markets this system works best on
– The strict Entry and Exit signals we adhere to to limit trading off greed and panic
– How a small profit per day can really grow your account super fast
– How to think and act like a successful trader
– What sort of results you can expect from this system from day one
– How to record your results
– What resources are available to help you record your profits and account growth
– Hours of live trading videos showing exactly how I trade. Literally as if you were sitting there with me!

– Lifetime access to the course and all the above
– Ongoing email support direct to my personal email inbox
– Updated modules and unit videos added over time

All for the very accessible and worthwhile fee of  £147!!!!

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What’s even better is that this course will teach you how to make money from the comfort of your own home. In 3 hours you could be placing your first trade and making money, maybe even covering the cost of this course within your first day. If you follow the principles and rules I have set you will certainly make fantastic profits.

You can even make profit from stocks falling. Which means even a stockmarket crash or an economic downturn could result in a very profitable opportunity for you.

Here’s a screenshot of my real trading account showing real profits i’ve made with my portfolio over a couple of days.


beginners daytrading trades

£50 – £100 is not money that will set the world alight, but this is just what can be done with a tiny account and £2 per point trades. When your account is high enough the rules I teach allow you to trade much more. Imagine what these same trades would look like once you’re trading at £20 per point. What could you do with £500 – £1000 a day? And what’s more, the opportunities are endless.

The more money you have to trade with, the larger the amount of money the % of returns represent. Grow your account and you’ll see your profits grow with it. Money makes money in the stockmarket.

One of my rules of this system to is keep re-investing or “compounding”. Any successfully rich man will tell you than re-investing your profits for compounded growth is the ONLY way to get rich in this world. I have surrounded myself with successful and rich people in my life and they always told me that compounding was the secret to their success. If you read any books by successful millionaires they’ll say the same thing.

The important thing to realise here is that it’s all achievable. £50,000 might seem like a million miles away right now, but if you enjoy the profit making process you will get there quicker than you think. And lets face it, if you never start the ball rolling now you’ll NEVER get there. It has to start somewhere and it’ll only begin if you take the first step, develop your trading education and start trading. Until then your never any closer to realising what you are looking for. Take action today!

Now, at this point you might be thinking…okay…what’s the catch? Why is this guy selling courses when he’s seemingly making good money on his own? Well, let me explain my motives here.

When I started out trading the financial markets I discovered a significant amount of so called guru’s offering the next amazing thing. Systems that apparently predict the markets, hot stock picks that will apparently make you super rich in 3 months, and a number of other scams. The world of the stockmarket is full of scam agents trying to make dirty money. I take a particular dislike to people getting ripped off. I’ve suffered from it myself in the past. I look to help people learn to Spreadbet at a low start up cost to them, and at the same time teach them good responsible techniques that if adopted will see them develop a skill to make money for life.

Having spent a lot of my professional career in training skills to people I naturally wanted to share what I knew. You see, the market is so vast that what you choose to do does not affect my profits. There is an opportunity for everyone to make money here and personally it makes me a very happy man to have people completing my courses and letting me know how much money they have been able to go and make as a result of it. I hate to use the phrase “giving something back” but the bottom line is I enjoy helping others. These are skills and knowledge you can take away for life. Knowledge you can perhaps pass down to others one day. I certainly intend to teach this to my children when they are old enough. I would have loved to have known about this back when I was a 18. My account would be significantly higher than it is today that’s for sure 🙂

But its never too late to start. Some of my students are in their 50’s.

I also love trading and spreadbetting. I love the financial markets. I love making money. I spent the first 15 years of adulthood scraping by and doing every job I could find. I’ve been a cleaner, a removals porter, I even quit a job once when my boss ordered me to scrub some poo off a wall when a less than desirable family checked out of their holiday apartment at a site I was a cleaner at (true story). So the opportunity to finally spend my time doing something I love is a real excitement. I naturally want to share it.

This is also why I have kept the course at such an affordable level. You see, I didn’t want to price people out. I didn’t create this course so that only a select few elite could use it. I would rather keep the price low and have everyone using it. Some guru’s charge £2500 for access to a course, often over complicated guides to stockmarket trading. some others charge more. My system is super simple with the beginner in mind. It works for me and in my opinion the simple systems always do. I hate overcomplicating things.

But I also wanted to take something for my time in putting it together. Something that will give me a small income stream for the time and effort over the years in learning from my own mistakes so you don’t have to make the same errors. It also means that only people who are serious about the course enrol onto it. I’d rather not waste my time with people who aren’t prepared to invest into their own learning. I can’t justify spending my time teaching people for free. I am a businessman as well as a mentor. That’s just me being brutally honest I guess.

Here’s a number of other benefits of using this system….

  • You can work at your own pace. You choose when to trade. If you only want to trade a night, there are markets open for that.
  • You can work where you want. Trade from your ipad on a beach, or in the garden in the summer evenings? Its up to you.
  • You don’t need any expensive premises
  • You don’t need any staff
  • You don’t need to buy any stock or products to sell
  • No customers to have to deal with
  • Be your own boss, report to yourself for a change, do what YOU want
  • Begin working towards the life you want, if you never start the journey how can you expect to get there?
  • You don’t need ANY experience

I have taught a number of people how to trade the financial markets through spreadbetting and i’d say approximately 90% like myself had no previous experience of the markets. I’ve designed my courses to teach you everything you need to know. It’s so simple.

I will add here however that the Daytrading Beginners course is geared towards those who have already completed my 4 Hour Spreadbetting Beginners course. This course teaches you the fundamental basics of spreadbetting, and delivers some crucial best practices that you’ll need to have adopted in your trading before you start here.


Here’s what a couple of my student’s have sent to me in terms of feedback from the courses i’ve made. I have an inbox full of compliments and thanks from students who have taken the courses and gone on to make their own money:-

Just wanted to say that I have just enrolled on this course and have found it very exciting to be honest, I am 51 now, and, this is the most excited I have been for a long long time about my future, I truly believe after failing at so many different things that I have finally found something which I believe I will be very good at and have the right temperament for, I couldn't put the course down until 2330 last night and barely slept a wink such is my excitement. Thanks very much for that Chris

Paul Parsons    October 26, 2015    UK   

I completed the spreadbet beginner course and wanted to earn more money in a shorter period of time. I completed this course while working a night shift and straight after the course I put what I learnt into practice and made a profit and this was at 4am in the morning. This course suits anybody, those who work shifts or work normal hours as it can be applied anytime of day and the possibilities to trade are endless.

An excellent course and well informed. Dont pay hunreds of pounds on any other courses out there as this is the only one you need to do.

Thanks Chris for giving me the opportunity to finaly start making proper money and hopefully in the future I can quit my job!!!

Scott McKenzie    October 27, 2015    Swansea   


Thank you for an excellent, eye-opening course! After 5 years trading every type of system/indicator going I finally believe I've found one that 'fits' me.

John Piper wrote a great book "The Way To Trade", and in it he said you need to do 3 things to trade succesfully:

1) Cut your losses
2) Run your profits
3) Trade selectively

This system gives me all 3 in one, and the big one (for me) being it gives me the confidence to run my profits - very important to the bank balance!

Simply put, I've made 10 times the cost of this course this week alone, and plenty more before. Amazing.

All the best,


Lewis    February 26, 2016    London   

The best course ewer. Chris developed fantastic trading system. Simple to apply , simple to understand for beginners. I,m on the markets since 2007 and I,m using this system my self. Works fantastic. Follow the system and you make good living out of this system. Chris honest man, not hiding the true about mistakes , about markets, showing all mistakes . Well done Chris and thanks for you hard work helping others. Many thanks......

Andrej    October 27, 2015    Runcorn. Cheshire   

Thanks Chris
The course was really helpful in enabling me to move forward with day trading. Insightful and realistic. The certificate was a nice touch too.
Keep up the good work.

Simon    March 19, 2016    Wellington, NZ   

God bless you…this is what I was really looking for. Been already trading it successfully. The losing trades don’t affect me at all. They’re small anyway. This is amazing. Will keep in touch to being able to show you my progress. Take care. Rui

p.s. Oh…and I intend to frame my certificate and hang it on the wall of my trading room….thanks again for a great content.

Rui    February 7, 2017    Unknown   

I found all of the modules very informative and easy to understand. I have no doubt it will save me a lot of money long term and for that I am most grateful.
Excellent value for money as far as I am concerned.
Best wishes,

Peter Farrell    February 11, 2016    UK   

The new day trading course has more systems, more options on how to use them, explained in a clear, coommonsense way. It gives users more confidence to try the changes because they are shown to work.

Alan Ledger    October 27, 2015    Rotherham, UK   

Hello Chris,

I am a complete newbie to trading, although I had worked for financial institutions for many years. I was finally ready to take the leap and somehow came across your website during my due diligence process :) and finally decided to buy your Day trading Course mid October 2015.

Actually i bought your "Spread Betting Beginner' course about a week before and loved the lay out and step-by-step process, and then quickly decided to get the Day trading course.

Again i loved the 'take-you-by-the hand' approach that gave a newbie like me peace of mind, as it answered all the question i had in mind. So after after day of listening to the course - i jumped right in and made money on my first day (£141 after about 4 hours of trading!!) However, i then ended up losing it all, as i made all the mistakes you advise us not to in your course :). So lessen learned!!!

Anyway, i have been trading nearly two weeks now, and following your rules i am making money and building my bank slowly but surely. My spread betting is becoming profitable every time i do trade, and my trading confidence is on the up.

Thank you Thank you Thank you for putting this course together ( in addition to your other course). Thank you for keeping it simple, pragmatic and super informative, and i love your style of teaching and sense of humour.

Although i am very happy day trading for now, i know i will be purchasing your swing trading course in the near future :)

Wishing you continued success and profits!!


Roxy Ahmed    November 3, 2015    London   


So, if you like what you hear and you feel like Daytrading might be a way for you to change your life then take that first step today. For just £147, which isn’t much more than the cost of a night out these days or a couple of Xbox games, you can learn how to make your own money in a little over 3 hours. And I promise you, once you’ve gone through the course your going to want to dive right in and place your first trades. You could even make your money back the same day!

To gain access to the course right now, just click on the button below and you will be taken to the Student Registration page where you can get instant access to the videos and get started right away!

If of course you have any questions before you want to commit and pay, feel free to email me at and i’ll do my best to answer them as soon as possible.

Good luck, enjoy the learning and i’ll see you in there.

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4 Comments on “Daytrading Beginners Course”

    1. I’d recommend about £1000 although I know some who started with £500 and others with £10,000. You’ll struggle with anything under £500 to be honest (although its do-able but you have to take more risk). Every system I coach can be traded on an ipad just as easily as a PC. 🙂

      1. Hi Chirs
        Thanks for getting back.
        I’m going to get the day trade system .
        How much do you charge for a Skype chat?.
        Also is there information on what programs to use for the iPad on the day trade course?
        Cheers Darren

        1. Hi Darren.

          I dont offer personal tuition yet but its something ive been thinking about doing. All the software you need will be covered in the course. However you really dont need anything complicated. I like very simple setup’s personally.

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