I receive a lot of emails each week from fellow traders, some experienced, but mostly I get emails from people interested in Spreadbetting. I really enjoy interacting with other traders and new spreadbetters and i’m always willing to answer any questions you might have, or help with any problems.

Spreadbetting the financial markets can be quite daunting to anyone new and I should know. I came into this with no experience whatsoever and spent a good year wondering whether or not I could learn to trade. Eventually I realised that anyone can learn. It’s not easy, it takes willpower and discipline mostly, but if you really want to learn, you can do it.

The majority of the time I get asked about my systems or requests to recommend Brokers, Courses, Books or Strategies etc. If you’ve had a look around the blog you’ll find some of that information already. However, whatever your question is you’ll normally find me quite open and willing to help. I’ve been a newbie myself, I still am relatively new to Spreadbetting. So you can Contact Me anytime about anything. I really don’t mind.

Just drop me a line on the contact form below. Either method is fine but of course you’ll get to say more in an email, and i’ll get to reply more.