I've posted an up to date copy of my trading record tonight taking me up right up until the present day. So far in 2013 i've achieved a 52.48% return. Lessened slightly by the fact I have topped up my investment into this project to a nice even £2000, previously being at £1849. Why? Well, [...]

    In 2012 I finished the year with a 2.7% return on my investment. About as much as you might get from a bank savings account if your lucky. On the face of things it wasn't really a success because I at one point saw highs of 40% return around the end of summer [...]

18 months into my trading and I've heard all about the importance of having a trading strategy, keeping to the rules and not trading off emotion etc. This is all well and good, but I often think you have to experience the bad to appreciate the good and recently I have been experiencing some bad [...]

By Chris Chillingworth Ever since I started Spreadbetting in 2011 i've had a number of questions about strategies, psychology and risk. The majority I found the answer to by asking mentors, reading trading books, interacting with other traders or simply out of making my own mistakes and learning from them. Despite this, once question still [...]

A new 3D TV? A holiday? Home Gym equipment? Just a small selection of the things I could go out and buy if I closed my open positions and took all my profits today. My Return on Investment broke the 42% mark today and i've managed to turn under £1500 into £2100 in almost 4 [...]

If there’s one thing i’ve learnt more than anything in my short career trading the financial markets it’s that my mind is my own worst enemy. A few weeks ago I sat down and looked at my trade history since June. It’s a pleasant picture at the moment, up in profit and looking at a [...]