When I speak to new traders either through email or when I meet them in person, one of the common problems I see is that they haven't yet reached what I call 'the light bulb moment'. They haven't learned how to cope with losing trades. Thomas Edison once famously said "I have not failed. I've just [...]

I've been trading profitably now for 3 years and it's looking likely that this year will be my 4th profitable year in a row, but it took me 2 years before that to work out where I was going wrong. Now I get a lot of emails. More that I can answer in a day sometimes, [...]

Hey everyone For those that run an End of Day trading system we know that anything we can do to improve our winning % has a significant effect on our yearly ROI. Here's 7 tips that you can implement into your stock selection criteria. Think of it like a stock check list. 1) Liquidity Is the [...]

I'm a big fan of a number of traders. Vince Stanzione got me into trading and got me onto the right path of profitability early on, so I must always credit that. Had I not followed Vince I would probably not be where I am today. The man talks a lot of sense and strangely [...]

A lot of people have heard about compounding interest or compounding profits in trading, but few truly realise the benefits of it. I personally realised the power of compounding when I first came across a .pdf file from someone who claimed to be able to turn 1p to £1,000,000 in 28 steps or something similar. [...]

Entry I went long on Starbucks on 17/10/2014 a day or so after the price moved above the 400 day moving average at 7410.7 The stock looked strong as it's been climbing since 2009, and so betting with the trend I felt this was worth a shot. My stop loss was originally placed at 7200. [...]

The majority of traders and spreadbettors lose money so we are told. The figure that is often banded about is the 80/20 rule. 80% of traders lose money? I can imagine that's probably correct. I have now gotten involved in teaching how to spreadbet effectively and when running my personal tuition lessons be it in [...]

I've had a few people email me recently about their trades and positions within the market and I noticed a few trends amongst some of them that I thought I would mention in an article. Following the system I use, there are some markets, some shares, stocks etc that are "too rich" for my bank [...]

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