SBB 009 : The Long Term View

  This week we talk about the importance of holding a long term view of your trading strategy and the damage a misplaced focus on your individual losing trades can have on your overall results. Twitter: @spreadbetchris Facebook: Spreadbet Beginner UK FREE E-Book: FREE E-Book Signup Email Me: enquiries@spreadbetbeginner.co.uk

SBB 008 : The Magic Pill

Hey All, So this week I had recorded an interview but it didn't record properly. The sound was gargled. I've since fixed the issue but now we have to do the interview again. So this week I was thinking about what I could talk about in the next Podcast episode whilst trawling though my emails [...]

SBB 007 : Automation in Trading

Hey everyone. In this weeks Podcast episode we talk about using automation, or automated trading systems. I talk about the pro's and con's as well as explain why I don't use automation. I also tell you about this weeks big mistake that I made which cost may have cost me a thousand quid. Twitter: @spreadbetchris [...]

SBB 006 : Trading God Delusion

In this weeks episode we talk about the desire traders have to prove how right they can be and what effect that can have on your trading. I call it the Trading God Delusion. A play on the well known Richard Dawkins book. We also talk about some of the mistakes I made early on [...]

SBB 004 : What Markets to Trade

In this weeks episode I talk about The Trend Following Experiment, my recent Surveys and why I am doing them and we get down to the nitty gritty about what markets to trade and why, as well as some top tips on what to do if you have multiple opportunities and how to pick through them. [...]

In this weeks episode I talk about a book i've been reading called 'The One Thing' by Gary Keller, his thoughts on the Pareto Principle and how I think we can apply it to our trading strategy. I also talk about some of my current open positions this week and discuss how they are performing [...]

In this weeks spreadbetting podcast episode I talk about the different advantages to why beginners starting out in Spreadbetting should consider adopting an End of Day spreadbetting approach first before looking at other styles such as Swingtrading and Daytrading.

In this spreadbetting podcast episode I talk about My Background and how I got into Financial Spreadbetting Why I'm FINALLY doing a Podcast after all these years What you can expect from forthcoming episodes Links Twitter: @spreadbetchris Facebook: Spreadbet Beginner UK FREE E-Book: FREE E-Book Signup

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