Advanced Spreadbetting Course Released

You want to make money from the stock market but it’s incredibly frustrating. Each run of losing trades knocks you for six. You lose all confidence and you feel like you must be missing something. You just want a system that wins. You can handle a few losses, but it seems every time you open a trade it goes against you, and every trade that starts well ends up fizzling out. You haven’t had any big winners and you’re worried you might be doing something wrong.

When you have a good trade, every inch of you is screaming to take the profits before you lose it. It’s an awful feeling when the excitement of a winning trade is overtaken by the despair you feel when you give it all back. It’s soul destroying. Especially after a losing run, just when you really needed a win. You look at your screen and plead for the next winning trade you get to stay profitable, only to watch it start falling down again. That’s when the panic kicks in, and you bank it.

At some point perhaps you had a few trades that went ‘next level’ bad. You were so desperate for them to turn around and do well that you didn’t want them to hit your stop loss, so you moved it further away to give it more room. Only it kept falling, and now you couldn’t close that trade because it meant accepting a loss far too expensive for you to stomach. So you moved it further away again to give it more room, because perhaps it will turn back around. Now with that huge loss looming you don’t know whether to close and accept your fate, or keep it open and hope it turns. But you know the moment you close it, it’s going to go back up.  You think to yourself what you wouldn’t give to be back with that small loss at the start. Now you’re staring a big loss in the face, a loss that is going to cost you a big % of your account. It’s enough to make you quit for good.

Every system you try just seems to fail. You get these brief glimmers of hope each time you try a new setup, but just like the others, the results are never there. Just losses after losses with the occasional small win. Now, after trying so many, your patience has worn thin. You struggle to give these new systems much of a chance because as soon as they hit a little run of losses that voice in your head says “it’s not going to work again”. You convince yourself that perseverance will cost you your entire trading account. You sit there and watch your pot get smaller and smaller over time and wonder what the answer is. You know you are running out of time to fix this. It feels like you have tried everything and nothing seems to be working.

You sit in front of your trading screen, looking at your scans and signals but talk yourself out of every single trade. Nothing looks good. Everything looks risky. The charts don’t look appealing. They just don’t feel right. You get even more frustrated as you feel there is no way of knowing which of these opportunities is going to be the winner. You think to yourself surely there must be a way of filtering through these and finding the big winner amongst them. There must be a clue somewhere amongst all this mess. How do the pro’s manage to do it? What are you missing?

You wonder if you need to study the ins and outs of the stock. You wonder if you need to be analysing the companies balance sheets, only when you take a look at them you have no way of knowing what any of it means. You don’t have the training to decipher any of it and turn it into information. Maybe someone else can tell you what stocks to buy?

Yes, surely thats easier? So you follow someone else’s picks. If they are making money, then you just need to copy them don’t you? Only you follow someone and get frustrated at the lack of results before moving on to someone else. Over time you move through a number of trading gurus with less than favourable results. You didn’t lose a huge amount, but it’s taken yet another chunk out of your rapidly dwindling trading capital.

You often wonder if you should pump more money into your trading account to make up for the money you have lost. However, you’re worried you’ll just lose that as well. You hate the idea of pouring money into something you know you haven’t mastered yet.

So what do you do?

Do you quit trading altogether? Because that’s been on your mind too. Maybe you’re not cut out for it. Maybe it’s just too hard and you’re not well suited to this way of making money? Only you keep feeling that pull towards it. You love the charts, the ease of money flow which to date has been going in the wrong direction, but you love the simplicity of increasing your wealth this way, if only you could work out how it was done.


…….if you feel like this then you feel like I did after 3 years of trading unsuccessfully. Until I worked it all out.

The moment that every successful trader reaches at some point in his/her trading experience. The zen moment when you discover it’s not about the systems, or the indicators. It’s not about which guru’s picks you follow, or which newsletters you subscribe to. It’s not about what news channels you watch to gain your edge. It’s not about reading company balance sheets and seeing things that no one else can see.

I have been consistently profitable now since 2013. Every year my account balance grows.


Because I learned that following everyone else, focusing on what everyone else was focusing on, was not going to be the solution. Everyone else is losing. So why would I follow them? That’s crazy.

Why do so many people follow other losing traders? Why do they do the same thing everyone else is doing? Why do they think the same way as everyone else?

Truth is, where this game is won or lost is in YOU.

YOU are the number one reason you are losing money on the markets.

YOU are 100% responsible.

Or to be more precise, your brain.

After coaching over 1000 people now I see patterns. Imagine that many people in a room. All traders. All looking for help. All with the same problems as you.

It doesn’t take long to identify the patterns and the common mistakes people are making when you have access to that many people and their trading experiences.

So I have created an amazing course (my best work to date) which is the culmination of that experience. It will teach you……

  • How to keep trading fun and not stressful.
  • Why you make bad decisions when trading with real money & how to finally start making better ones.
  • The secret to why you keep banking your winners too early & how to stop doing it.
  • Why you keep moving your stop loss further away & how to stop doing it.
  • Why you need to embrace losing small in order to win big.
  • How to feel comfortable with losing & why it’s necessary in order to win.
  • The reason you hate losses & how to stick to one system and stop jumping.
  • How to prevent yourself taking extra trades you shouldn’t be taking.
  • How to ensure you execute & take that signal that your inner voice is saying not to take.
  • How to cope with losing runs & still stick to your system.
  • Why trying to be right is killing your results.
  • How to never lose big ever again, ever.
  • How to reassure your family & friends to support your trading career & avoid unnecessary pressure.
  • Finally understand why successful traders maintain that it’s 80% psychology and 20% mechanics. Now YOU’LL be able to explain to people WHY this is the case.
  • How to stop caring about your image as a trader so you can focus on what actually makes a difference to your results
  • How to stop loser mentality and start thinking like the top 10%.
  • How to do the things you need to win, the things most traders cannot do
  • How to prevent your emotions from influencing your trading decisions in the moment.
  • Why focusing on your results will prevent you from getting the results you want & what to focus on instead.
  • How being a needy lover who doesn’t get the girl involves the same psychology as the needy trader who doesn’t get the money.
  • Why the way your brain is wired is detrimental to successful trading in the first place & how to pivot around this to improve your results.
  • How to do the opposite to most traders & why they simply can’t do it themselves.
  • Why having a trading psychology coach is similar to having an accountant do your taxes or a PT push you in the gym.
  • Why you revenge trade, the psychology behind it and how to finally stop yourself doing it.

…….and way way way more included.

ALSO, it’s lifetime access and it’s all online video so you can begin immediately after enrolment.

My special gift that I possess is the ability to explain and break down complex matters to people. As a result i’ve made this course accessible to everyone. No jargon, no B.S., no ego involved. Just straight talking, identifying the reason why you mess everything up, and straight easy to follow solutions that you can apply immediately to your trading to start seeing almost instant results with.

I price everything I do at least at 10% of the value it delivers. As a result, I get paid for my efforts and you get 10x the value you paid for the course.

This course will save you thousands in unnecessary losses to start with, before you’ve even started looking at the profits it will make you.

Interested? Click this link below to read more and for the link to enrol today and get started.


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2 Comments on “Advanced Spreadbetting Course Released”

  1. hi Chris

    i have a Question for you ? opened a position on i g index and could not put my gtd stoploss where i wanted did a .24p bet which had a risk of losing £500 and could not put my stop up thats 2084 pips.
    rollover daily u s stock tmo eventually closed as this was too much risk on my account. small lose covered by spread that fluctuated from 11 to 55.
    is there an answer to geting my stop where i want.

    any help would be much appreciated.


    1. It’s all to do with the broker. If they wont allow a gtd stop closer than that then that’s up to them. In that situation I would abandon the trade and find another opportunity, or check another broker and see if they can do it. The other alternative is to used a std stop which will not have the same restrictions, but with no guarentee you risk the loss from slippage. It’s all about risk vs reward.

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