Spreadbetting Advanced Course

This course is specifically designed for those traders out there who have completed the beginners course and wish to take their learning to the next level. The course goes into far more depth and highlights all of the common issues most experienced traders face as well as how to avoid/overcome them ensuring they do not adversely affect your trading results.

Why is it that so many traders have perfectly good systems but still lose?

Why do we make bad decisions in the heat of the moment and then regret them afterwards?

The Spreadbetting Advanced Course will teach you why, and how to finally get the results you have been looking for from the stockmarket.

It’s for those traders with the experience to realise it is in fact themselves getting in their own way of success causing their undesired results.


No one teaches this stuff because it’s simply not sexy. Everyone wants the magic pill. They want to know what stock to buy or what’s the perfect system to use?

But that stuff doesn’t work. Why? Because traders interfere. We are designed that way. Fact is your brain operates emotionally. That’s why you do things in the heat of the moment and then later regret it. We don’t think logically by nature. And this is what causes us to meddle and tinker with trades. Our emotions.


Since 2018 I realised that this was the area of coaching I wanted to focus on. This is where the game is won and lost.

After coaching over 1000 people I have seen patterns with everyone i’ve worked with. Traders who had up until now, not been getting the results they hoped for.

  • they all had decent trading systems
  • they all understood the strategy
  • they all accepted that they needed to let their system do its thing
  • they all used simple systems
  • they all had positive expectancy
  • they all had backtested systems that had been profitable

Yet they were still losing.

Why is this?

Because they were getting in their own way of success.

This is where I have seen the biggest bang for the buck in my coaching clients results. It wasn’t in changing their systems or their indicators. It wasn’t in changing their strategies.

The best results achieved for my clients have all come from managing their emotions in that key moment of decision making. When you are in front of your screen. When you need to make that decision whether or not to open or close that trade.

If you decide to join me on this course I will teach you…

  • How to keep trading fun and not stressful.
  • Why you make bad decisions when trading with real money & how to finally start making better ones.
  • The secret to why you keep banking your winners too early & how to stop doing it.
  • Why you keep moving your stop loss further away & how to stop doing it.
  • How to feel comfortable with losing trades & why it’s necessary in order to win.
  • The reason you hate losses & how to stick to one system and stop jumping.
  • How to prevent yourself taking extra trades you shouldn’t be taking.
  • How to ensure you execute & take that signal that your inner voice is saying not to take.
  • Why trying to be right is killing your results.
  • How to never lose big ever again, ever……EVER!
  • How to reassure your family & friends to support your trading career & avoid unnecessary pressure.
  • Finally understand why successful traders maintain that it’s 80% psychology and 20% mechanics. Now YOU’LL be able to explain to people WHY this is the case.
  • How to stop caring about your image as a trader so you can focus on what actually makes a difference to your results
  • How to stop loser mentality and start thinking like the top 10%.
  • Why watching Bloomberg, reading Twitter, and subscribing to Stock Picks is ruining your results
  • How to do the things you need to win, the things most traders cannot seem to do.
  • How to prevent your emotions from influencing your trading decisions in the moment.
  • Why focusing on your results will prevent you from getting the results you want & what to focus on instead.
  • How being a needy lover who doesn’t get the girl involves the same psychology as the needy trader who doesn’t get the money.
  • Why the way your brain is wired is detrimental to successful trading in the first place & how to pivot around this to improve your results.
  • How to do the opposite to most traders & why they simply can’t do it themselves
  • Why trying to train your brain to not feel emotions is absolutely the worst solution to this problem, and what to do instead
  • Why having a trading psychology coach is similar to having an accountant do your taxes or a personal trainer push you in the gym.
  • Why you revenge trade, the psychology behind it and how to finally stop yourself doing it.…….and much much more.


Here’s what a couple of my student’s have sent to me in terms of feedback from the courses i’ve made. I have an inbox full of compliments and thanks from students who have taken the courses and gone on to make their own money:-

God bless you…this is what I was really looking for. Been already trading it successfully. The losing trades don’t affect me at all. They’re small anyway. This is amazing. Will keep in touch to being able to show you my progress. Take care. Rui

p.s. Oh…and I intend to frame my certificate and hang it on the wall of my trading room….thanks again for a great content.

Rui    February 7, 2017   Unknown   
Author Picture

A vast course. Loads of great information in here. I'm only about 20 lessons in but i've already learned so much. Not one bad lesson yet. The podcast is fantastic as well. Well done Chris. and thanks! DF.

Darryl Fountaine    June 11, 2016   Cork, Ireland   

I have been following Chris for sometime now and completed all his courses which I found very helpful and easy to follow. He ironed out all my problems with my trading as I could relate to everything he said. The experience is second to none. I've even got a lot more confidence in my trading. It has been a massive help.

John Youds    June 18, 2015   Liverpool, UK   
Author Picture

I only signed up yesterday but i've watched the first 4 lessons and they are really good. I've been using financial spreadbetting for about a year as I can't afford to trade stocks outright yet. Been struggling with results for a while but the stuff i'm learning in this course is going to help me for sure. The lesson on pulling the weeds was so me! I was making all those mistakes it's unreal. I would recommend this course for sure!

Cindy Nanti    August 11, 2018   Chelsea, London, UK   
Author Picture

Chris asked if i would do a testimonial of the course after i told him how much i was loving it. It really is the best, most comprehensive breakdown of trading and spreadbetting i've come across. I've spent thousands on seminars and other courses over the years and they all come across vague and they don't deliver anything you can actually use. Chris has done a fantastic job making a huge course that spans well over 30 video lessons so far and he's adding new videos every few days. I love it. I hope the lessons never end as I learn from every single one. Highly recommended.

Emma Langley    November 7, 2015   London, UK   

Loving the course so far, keen to get through it asap as I am keen to learn.

Thomas Ryan    October 10, 2015   West Sussex   
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Chris your course is a great resource. I loved the videos on the turtle trading systems and how in depth you went. I also really like the videos you do in your trading office. Very personable and feel like i'm there in the office with you. I cannot recommend this enough.

Sean Morgan    July 23, 2016   Eastbourne, UK   

To gain access to the course right now, just click on the button below and you will be taken to the Registration page where you can get instant access to the videos and get started right away!

If of course you have any questions before you want to commit and pay, feel free to email me at and i’ll do my best to answer them as soon as possible.

Good luck, enjoy the learning and i’ll see you in there.

4 Comments on “Spreadbetting Advanced Course”

    1. I’d recommend about £1000 although I know some who started with £500 and others with £10,000. You’ll struggle with anything under £500 to be honest (although its do-able but you have to take more risk). Every system I coach can be traded on an ipad just as easily as a PC. 🙂

      1. Hi Chirs
        Thanks for getting back.
        I’m going to get the day trade system .
        How much do you charge for a Skype chat?.
        Also is there information on what programs to use for the iPad on the day trade course?
        Cheers Darren

        1. Hi Darren.

          I dont offer personal tuition yet but its something ive been thinking about doing. All the software you need will be covered in the course. However you really dont need anything complicated. I like very simple setup’s personally.

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