A screenshot of my current open positions

I like to do this from time to time. I think it’s a good thing to show people you actively trade the markets you say you trade. There are a lot of experts out there that don’t ever show their trades, or even their own portfolios. I expect there’s reasons for this, but I’ve always felt that at this beginner level there’s no harm in sharing my open positions. Especially at the moment whilst it’s full of blues. I’m showing it off whilst I have something to show.

The amount of profit isn’t much on it’s own, and bear in mind these are only my open positions. For a full run down check MY TRADES page. However, when you consider that just a few months into actively trading this system i’ve achieved 29.77% return I think it’s an achievement and goes to prove that an end of day system can be quite profitable.

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3 Comments on “A screenshot of my current open positions”

  1. Firstly, well done on the blog – fantastic!

    It would be really enlightening to see the reason for entering each of your trades and your views on what elements of your systems are working best.

    Are you mainly using the 60 day donchian breakout method?

    1. Hi John.

      I’ll be looking at that a little in my next video. I do use 60 day donchian breakouts amongst other donchian setups and other moving average setups. I tend to like the 80 day donchian at the moment.

      As for IG if you go yo your IG open positions window there’s a tick box at the top of the open positions window I think. I bflieve it says DISPLAY or similar. You can then select what columns to show/hide.

      Thanks for your comments and for reading the blog. Much appreciated.

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