10,000 hits! Thank you!

It’s been a bit stop start this blog. Started in April 2011 and it’s closed 3-4 times when I thought I hated blogging and then re-opened a few weeks later when I realised I enjoyed blogging too much……(don’t ask, not even I know what i’m talking about).

Anyhow, over that time the readers have come when the content is there, and stopped coming when it wasn’t. Until this year that is when I finally got my act together, committed to 2-3 updates a week and have stuck to it for the last 3 months. As a result i’ve seen the readership and subscription rise week on week. Very recently since doing my videos on Youtube it’s increased even more and today saw the hit count blast through the 10,000 mark and even as I write this it’s still climbing this evening.

I’m a stickler for stats and trends etc so the blog stats page often fascinates me. What interests me the most is the countries my readers visit from. I’d never had imagined people reading my blog from Venezuela for example. As expected the vast majority are UK visitors, with the Irish and American peeps making up the vast majority, but then Spain, France, Swaziland?? No Russians, Chinese and only a very few Australians surprises me. I’ll also get spikes one week but only a steady 15-20 hits a day the next.

Anyway, i’m very pleased it’s hit 10,000 and looking at the traffic from a monthly perspective it’s growing month on month which gives me a lot of motivation to do more and put more content up.

I’ll be looking at doing another vid soon, something to do with my money management system, although I need to think it over first as it’s just an idea. I also had a couple of messages with requests and questions which was rather cool so i’ll look to address those too very soon.

In the meantime my portfolio is looking okay at the moment. I’m into a few more SHORT positions recently which I think has helped balance my book a little as the markets seen some movement in the last few days and my book value has only risen very slightly in the past week.

I’m LONG on Pfizer ($PFE) today. My buy signal was actually back in 2011 but I’m hoping that the LONG trend will continue for another 2-3 years so I can make a mean profit on it. If not, i’ll only make a small loss.

GOLD took a 10pt drop today and once again I read a lot about Gold hitting its peak again, with analysts telling everyone it’s about to fall down again. Personally i’ll be sticking LONG on this unless it falls below my 1645 stop loss which sits just below the 200 DMA. It’s still operating in the 1763 – 1773 range as it has been for 2 weeks or so now but if it breaks that and goes past 1785 price then I think things could get real interesting. If it does i’ll probably add to my position cheaply to try and maximise any profits.

Also, after Hewitt Packard moving against me for days since my entry it’s recently been coming my way for a few days in a row. Hoping that continues and it starts to follow it’s shorting trend. The next monthly video update will be interesting to compare against in a few weeks.

Anyway, thanks for reading this blog. 10,000 hits may be nothing to many blogs out there, but to me it’s yet another achievement for me to add to my list.

I’ve updated my TRADES page today and the side bar menu summary has also been updated to show my current position. Currently seeing a 13% return on my invested capital so far including open positions values. I won’t be opening any more positions for a while until some of my stops have trailed up and the risk on my open positions have reduced.

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